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This Month’s Features

Multidisciplinary Management of Invasive Cervical Resorption

This case study details a seven-year follow-up of a patient treated for a Heithersay Class 4 lesion.

Multifocal Oral Candidiasis With a Rare ‘Kissing Lesion’

This report describes the diagnosis and treatment of chronic multifocal oral candidiasis.

Extensive Maxillary Sinus Pneumatization: A Clinico- Radiological Case Report

An investigation of the developmental entity extensive maxillary sinus pneumatization, with the goal of helping clinicians identify this rare condition during radiographic diagnosis.

Guest Editorial

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Continuing Education

Compound Odontoma Presenting As a Diagnostic Challenge

This clinical report investigates an asymptomatic, amorphous, radiopaque mass of disorganized hard tissue that was ultimately diagnosed as a compound odontoma.

Conservative Caries Treatment With Peptide-Based Biogenics

Peptide-based biogenics hold promise for caries prevention and management, both in clinical practice and self-care.

Face Shield Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Face shields play an important role in clinical protection against COVID-19 transmission, particularly during dental procedures that create large particles and droplets.

Oral Health Management for Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease

Comprehensive, person-centered care for individuals with this neurodegenerative condition is key to maintaining quality of life.


Editor’s Note

New Approach to Help Build Immunity

Apparently, an important part of our immune system and its role in the current pandemic have been largely ignored.

At a Glance

Perspective on Dental Practice Consolidation

Practitioners and patients alike are taking notice of the growing trend of dental practice consolidation.

Products and Services

Local Anesthetic Delivery System Allows Pain-Free Injections

Calaject’s computer-assisted delivery helps eliminate the pain and ergonomic issues associated with local anesthetic injections.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Implant Clinicians

Understanding the nuances of implant/abutment screw joints will help providers minimize biomechanical complications.

Marketplace February 2022

A listing of featured products.

Newsline + Industry Info

Proton Pump Inhibitors May Serve as Adjunctive Therapy for Periodontitis

A study that sought to establish whether a relationship exists between use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and periodontal disease severity has demonstrated that patients with periodontitis who use PPIs have fewer teeth with elevated probing depths. 

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Announces 38th Annual Scientific Session

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) has announced that its flagship global conference will be held April 27–30 in Orlando.

Vaccination May Reduce Risk of Long-Haul COVID-19

A study by Oxford University and the National Institute for Health Research in the United Kingdom has found that 37% of those who have recovered from COVID-19 still experience at least one side effect three to six months later.

Partnership Offers Free Training in Infection Prevention Protocols

A partnership between the Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has spawned new opportunities for ongoing training in infection prevention protocols.

Pulpdent Awarded Patents for Calcium Phosphate Molecule With Hydroxyapatite Stimulating Properties

Pulpdent has been awarded two U.S. patents for a bioactive, stabilized calcium phosphate molecule that is said to facilitate tooth remineralization, promote hydroxyapatite formation, and offer excellent esthetics.

The Art of Dental Finance and Management

Podcast Hosted by Art Wiederman, CPA.


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