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Pulpdent Awarded Patents for Calcium Phosphate Molecule With Hydroxyapatite Stimulating Properties


CRYSTA logoPulpdent has been awarded two U.S. patents for a bioactive, stabilized calcium phosphate molecule that is said to facilitate tooth remineralization, promote hydroxyapatite formation, and offer excellent esthetics.

The patented molecule, a methacrylate-functionalized calcium phosphate (MCP), exists in a highly active, transitional state at the molecular level. When placed in a restorative material in the oral environment, MCP is capable of transferring calcium, phosphate and fluoride from saliva to tooth structure, and creating a scaffold for mineral precipitation, apatite formation and biomineralization.

Pulpdent’s MCP molecule will be marketed under the trade name Crysta. It will be immediately available in many of Pulpdent’s restorative products, including ACTIVA Presto and Lime-Lite Enhanced. 

The company’s original research, “Experimental Dental Composites Containing a Novel Methacrylate-Functionalized Calcium Phosphate Component: Evaluation of Bioactivity and Physical Properties,” was published in Polymers. For more information, visit pulpdent.com/crysta. 

From Decisions in Dentistry. February 2022;8(2)8.

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