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Discussing Patient Costs

Dental office managers need to be prepared to talk about the financial commitment required to ensure patients’ oral health.

Video Learning


Managing Overhead in Your Dental Practice

Price: $65

Unlock the secrets to financial success in your dental practice with Art Wiederman, a seasoned dental-specific CPA boasting nearly four decades of expertise. Don't miss this comprehensive presentation that empowers dentists to proactively manage their finances, ensuring increased profitability, patient satisfaction, and practice success.

Art’s Golden Rules of Financial Planning

Price: $65

Unlock financial success with "Art's Golden Rules of Financial Planning" led by expert dental CPA Art Wiederman. Master key strategies for retirement, investments, and estate planning. Learn practical tips like the "65/25/10 rule" to confidently secure your financial future. Don't miss this essential guide for informed decision-making and long-term prosperity.

Retirement Planning for Dentists

Price: $65

Explore the intricacies of retirement planning with Art Wiederman, CPA. This educational video covers essential topics like different types of retirement plans, strategies for late starters, and lifestyle adjustments to ensure a financially secure future as a dental professional.

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Course participants are encouraged to consult their state board as units from these types of courses cannot be earned for license renewal because they are considered to be of direct benefit to the licensee or outside the scope of dental practice.

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