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  • Nicole Fortune, RDH, MBA
  • Melissa A. Obrotka, BA, RDH, ICP
  • Timothy J. Hempton, DDS

Perio Articles

The Meaning Behind Sensitive Oral Mucosa

Patients sometimes present to the dental office with a complaint of sensitive gingiva or oral mucosa. While dentists are aware that this is not a physiological presentation, underlying causes should be investigated. Patients with such a symptom may be impacted by the following: Infections (viral, bacterial, or fungal) Nutritional deficits (vitamin B6/​B12, C, and other essential minerals, vitamins and co-factors) Injury/​trauma blood dyscrasias Autoimmune diseases Hypersensitivity to food additives or…

The Impact of Porphyromonas Gingivalis on Systemic Health

This oral bacterium implements strategies to invade the various tissues beyond the periodontium

Screwmentable Implant Crowns

When restoring dental implants, this novel hybrid design presents a viable clinical alternative to screw-retained or cement-retained crowns.

Attachment Selection for Implant-Supported Overdentures

These clinical considerations will help providers choose the most appropriate stud attachment systems for removable overdenture therapy.

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