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A Cutting-Edge Solution for Effective Dental Hemostasis

Medicom’s SafeGauze® Hemostat’s innovative biocompatible cellulose technology simplifies post-dental procedure bleeding control


Implementing innovative technologies and materials is critical to providing optimal patient care while ensuring workflow efficiency and simplicity. Medicom’s SafeGauze® Hemostat topical hemostatic dressing is one such technology. Used to control bleeding following dental procedures, SafeGauze® Hemostat is a valuable addition to every dental toolkit.

Commonly utilized in dental applications, such as but not limited to tooth extractions, free gingival grafts, sinusoidal lifts/periodontal surgeries, implant placements, and root canal treatments, SafeGauze Hemostat is made from biocompatible regenerated cellulose. The material is chemically treated to become water-soluble but contains no chemical additives.

FIGURE 1. Fresh extraction site.
FIGURE 2. A piece of SafeGauze® Hemostat dressing is placed over the site where control of bleeding is needed.

When applied with gentle pressure and combined with blood and/or saline fluid, the cellulose transforms into a gelatinous material, helping it quickly adhere to the wound to form a barrier that controls bleeding (Figures 1 through 5). This hemostat dressing dissolves in just a few days and is safe if swallowed.

Excess dressing material may be removed by rinsing with sterile water or saline solution, ensuring it is easy to handle and safe for the patient. Best of all, the use of SafeGauze Hemostat can eliminate the need for additional suturing, supporting a better patient experience. Key benefits include:

FIGURE 3. The hemostat dressing is formed at the site for proper coverage
FIGURE 4. Dressing in place.
  • Made from 100% hypoallergenic cellulose with no chemicals or animal-based products for a safe, effective treatment.
  • Fast and easy placement; transforms into a gel within seconds of contact with fluid.
  • Absorbs up to 400% of its weight in fluid to effectively fill wound and forms a strong clot for bleeding control.
  • Stays securely in place by ad­hering to the wound — no su­turing required.
  • Gelatinous plug gradually dissolves into saline and glucose, minimizing the risk of infection.
FIGURE 5. The blood fluid transforms the dressing to a gel-like consistency in seconds and helps to control the bleeding. In situations where additional fluid is needed, saline can also be used.


“It was easy to pack in the socket and doesn’t stick to instruments.” Ravichandra Juluri, DDS, MS, Dunlap, Illinois

“I’m able to dismiss patients immediately after extraction due to hemostasis achieved.” Navdeep Sandhu, DDS, Dayton, Ohio

“I like that the gauzes are small and easy to insert into single extraction sites. It seemed to initiate great clotting.” Tiffany Lee, DDS, Torrance, California

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Images courtesy of Matthew R. Miller, DDS, Charlotte, North Carolina

From Decisions in Dentistry.November/December 2023; 9(10):18

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