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Beauty in Simplicity

OMNICHROMA composite products streamline shade matching, enhance sustainability, and empower altruism, offering simplicity with profound benefits

FIGURE 1. A patient presented with large, highly stained class V lesions across most of her anterior teeth.

There is beauty in simplicity. In dentistry, we face an ever-in­creasing array of equipment, gadgets, and disposable supplies available for our practices. Many of these items have been tailor-made to fill one specific niche, to do exactly one thing really well. While I am all for having the right tool for the job, it can get overwhelming to manage all the ordering, inventory, and operatory setup for these items.

That’s one of the reasons why OMNICHROMA composite products are such a breath of fresh air. With their universal shade-matching properties, I can go from having 16 shades of composite to one. My composite setup is so much leaner without needing to have a shade guide and box of composites out for every appointment. Appointments run more efficiently because patients and staff don’t need to spend time selecting between shades. And it nails the specific tooth shade every time — particularly for class V lesions with a substantial value gradient.

Figure 2. Because she was unable to afford full-coverage restorations, we began restoring her teeth with OMNICHROMA products — with great results. Tooth #6 and #7 were restored using OMNICHROMA BLOCKER Flow, OMNICHROMA Flow, and OMNICHROMA.

OMNICHROMA composites can be used for any indication. Depending on preference, they are available in packable, flowable, and flowable bulk fill. Packable also comes in compules or syringes. It possesses the durability and wear resistance to be used in large posterior restorations and is easily polishable in highly esthetic areas.

OMNICHROMA Flow BULK has best-in-class viscosity for adapting to the bottom of proximal boxes in deep class II restorations. OMNICHROMA BLOCKER and OMNICHROMA BLOCKER Flow are useful when restoring large class IV lesions when tooth structure is lacking or blocking dark stump shades to reduce show-through. The OMNICHROMA family of products is a true all-arounder.

Sustainability Benefits

Using OMNICHROMA also aligns with another one of my practice’s core values: sustainability. I’ve dramatically cut down on my composite waste from infrequently used shades being thrown away after expiration. Fewer products result in less fuel for shipping and less packaging waste.

I have yet to replace an OMNICHROMA anterior restoration after a patient looks at it in the mirror post-operatively. I can continue to use my same liner, etch, bond, and matrix bands, meaning I didn’t have to throw my old products out and buy a new system.

Support of Altruism

Lastly, OMNICHROMA has allowed me to provide better care to patients with fewer resources. I’m a member of the Board of Managers at the Chicago Dental Society Foundation Clinic where I volunteer with other local dentists to provide pro-bono dental care to residents of the Chicago metropolitan area with incomes less than 200% of the poverty line. We’ve been able to provide a wide array of services at the clinic — extractions, endodontics, preventive care, operative dentistry, and dentures — but not indirect restorations. With OMNICHROMA, we can provide highly esthetic anterior restorations where veneers or crowns would otherwise be indicated. Patients are highly appreciative of their transformed smiles, and this is more than just vanity — for many, an esthetic smile allows them to gain employment that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them. These cases are major reminders to me that cosmetic dentistry can, in fact, change lives (Figures 1 and 2).


OMNICHROMA composite products not only simplify the often complex world of dental materials but also promote sustainability and enable practitioners to make a significant impact on the lives of patients who might otherwise face barriers to employment due to their dental esthetics.

Tokuyama Dental America Inc

From Decisions in Dentistry.November/December 2023; 9(10):24

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