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File System Revolutionizes Endodontic Practice

Discover how the Bassi Logic NiTi file system breaks the mold in endodontic instrumentation, offering unparalleled efficiency and efficacy in achieving patency and shaping root canals.


Currently, a wide variety of NiTi (nickel-titanium) systems are available for endodontic clinical applications, most of which are very similar. Many systems are just replicas, with nothing new or innovative to offer.1

But not the Bassi Logic NiTi file system. A leading provider of endodontic instruments and equipment, Bassi Endo is known around the world for its benchmark product lines, including the renowned Bassi Logic NiTi file system as well as educational services powered by a database of dentists throughout the globe.

Patency is Easily Achieved

The Logic system is different from most other NiTi file systems, providing significant advantages to its users.2 Clinicians trying the Logic system for the first time should experiment with rotational patency before using traditional K #0.08 and #0.10 hand files. According to the results of pilot tests and feedback from experienced clinicians, the rotary system alone is efficient in achieving patency in 85% of molar cases. This makes shaping so much easier, saving dentists an immense amount of time.

The fact that patency is achieved in 85% of molars without the use of manual files means that, in most cases, cervical pre-flaring is not necessary. Without pre-flaring, peri-cervical dentin is preserved and more structure is maintained to receive the stress. The taper of the file and the quadrangular cross section prevents engagement in the root canal, negotiating more of the foramen.2

Shaping Instruments

The Logic NiTi system offers several diameters with taper 01. Once the glide path is obtained, the instrument for shaping the root canal is determined. For example, if #30/01 is used for the glide path, the modeling instrument must be #30/03 or #30/05.3

The shaping instruments (taper 03 or 05) have a unique double helix cross section, variable inter-laminar distance, and adequate helical canal depth. All of these characteristics favor less extrusion and accumulation of dentinal debris.4

Added Benefits

Logic’s diversity of diameters and taper is unique in the worldwide dental market. Furthermore, the system features a differentiated heat treatment that ensures the instruments remain sharp throughout the clinical process.

About Bassi Endo

In 1999, with the goal of bringing joy back to the craft of endodontists for doctors and clinicians, I founded Easy Equipamentos Odontológicos to bring the system now known as Bassi Logic to an international clinical audience. Led by a highly skilled and technical team of doctors and engineers, the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that creates Bassi instruments is certified with all international quality control agencies and undergoes regular audits to remain in strict compliance with international standards.

There is so much more to learn about Bassi Logic instruments. Visit our booth at the American Association of Endodontists’ Annual Meeting April 17-19, 2024, in Los Angeles, or contact us below.


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From Decisions in Dentistry. March 2024; 10(2):22

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