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This Month’s Features

New Paradigms in Endodontic Irrigation

Advances in irrigation devices shorten appointment times and support positive patient outcomes.

Recession Defects on a Maxillary Single Tooth Implant

This case study looks at a treatment plan to successfully treat this fairly common implant complication.

Guest Editorial

The Dental Microscope — Not Just for Endodontics

The health and practice benefits provided by this took make it indispensable for all dentists, regardless of specialty.

Continuing Education

Nutritional Counseling in the Dental Setting

Oral health professionals can positively impact their patients’ dental and systemic health by providing dietary counseling and healthcare screenings.

Clinical Applications of Soft Tissue Augmentation Around Implants

Keratinized mucosa plays a vital role in dental implant health, impacting oral hygiene, inflammation, and perI-implant complications.

A Comprehensive Review of Clear Aligner Therapy

Exploring the evolution, efficacy, and challenges of clear aligner therapy in modern orthodontics, shedding light on its impact on periodontal health and treatment outcomes.

Improving Access to Care for Patients With Autism Spectrum Disorder

This patient population needs support in receiving much-needed dental care that requires a multifactorial approach.


Editor’s Note

The Wound Caused by Moral Injury

Many physicians are struggling with the stresses caused by their work environment

At a Glance

Determining When to Refer to a Periodontist

Ethical and successful patient treatment depends on making appropriate referrals to specialists.

Products and Services

A Brief Look at Ankyloglossia Treatment

Dental lasers provide significant benefits in the surgical approach to tongue-tie.

File System Revolutionizes Endodontic Practice

Discover how the Bassi Logic NiTi file system breaks the mold in endodontic instrumentation, offering unparalleled efficiency and efficacy in achieving patency and shaping root canals.

Your 3D Print Restorations

Rodin Bond is the next generation 
of dental adhesive systems.

Unlock the Mystery of TMJ Disorders

Charles Sutera, DMD, FAGD, shares his expertise on how dentists can make a difference in the treatment of temporomandibular jaw issues.

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