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This Month’s Features

Biofilm Formation and Contact Angles on Dental Restorative Biomaterials

Understanding plaque formation on restorations is a crucial aspect of effective care.

Dentists’ Role in Migraine Treatments With Botulinum Toxins

Treatment for migraines using botulinum toxins shows promise for successful management by dental professionals.

Three-Dimensional Imaging in Periodontal Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Implant Therapy

Bryan J. Frantz, DMD, MS, offers perspective on the use of cone beam computed tomography in dental implant treatment, as well as periodontal diagnosis and care.

Continuing Education

Treatment Planning Strategies For Dental Implant Procedures

In dental implant treatment, clinicians can minimize biologic and technical complications by addressing these key factors prior to implant placement.

CE Sponsored by Church & Dwight: Role of pH in Remineralization And Dental Diseases

Optimal pH levels support remineralization and oral health by helping maintain homeostasis in the oral microbiome.

Managing Dental Trauma: A Review

By periodically reviewing appropriate diagnostic and treatment methods, oral health professionals will be better prepared to render appropriate care when treating dental trauma and related emergencies.

Caring for Children With Trisomy 21 in The Dental Setting

Treating pediatric patients with the chromosomal disorder trisomy 21 requires a thorough understanding of the condition and its implications for oral disease and dental care.


Editor’s Note

Bacteriophage Therapy in Dentistry

Used in therapy for more than 100 years in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, bacteriophages are viruses that parasitize a bacterium by infecting it and reproducing.

At a Glance

Gender’s Impact on Clinical Efficiency and Patient Visits

New research from the Center for Health Workforce Studies (CHWS) into the practice characteristics of female dentists offers insights into the efficiency and busyness of female providers compared to their male counterparts.

Products and Services

SprintRay Pro from SprintRay

Rapid improvements make in-office 3D printers more versatile than ever.

OMNICHROMA from Tokuyama Dental

One-shade universal composite redefines clinical versatility.

V-Posil VPS Impression System From VOCO

Time-optimized impression system offers regular and fast sets in one material.

Newsline + Industry Info

Researchers Report Most Dental Antibiotic Prophylaxis Prescriptions Are Unnecessary

Dentists write too many antibiotic prescriptions before procedures — 80.9%, to be exact — for patients who do not need them, according to a University of Illinois College of Pharmacy study.

Root Canal Therapy Perceived as Being No Worse Than Other Procedures

A paper from the University of Adelaide in Australia suggests patients do not perceive root canal therapy as any worse than other dental procedures.

Study Suggests Genes Play a Role In Dental Caries and Periodontitis

Findings from research led by the Institute of Odontology at Umeå University in Sweden indicate individuals may be predisposed to caries and/or periodontitis if they carry genes associated with these conditions.

Evidence Indicates Oral Pathogens May Help Trigger Stroke Events

Researchers at Tampere University in Finland have found the presence of DNA from oral pathogens in the cerebral emboli of stroke patients, signifying the possible adverse effects of suboptimal oral health.

Continuing Education Article Focuses on The Role of Oral pH in Remineralization

Maintaining a neutral oral pH can be accomplished through diet and therapeutic agents, a regimen that can promote remineralization and help prevent or reverse caries lesions.

Diversity Increasing in the Dental Field

The dental profession is undergoing demographic changes, especially changes in gender distribution, ac­cording to a study from the Oral Health Workforce Research Center at the University at Albany’s Center for Health Workforce Studies in New York.


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