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This Month’s Features

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo After Osteotome Use In Maxillary Dental Implant Placement

This rare complication involving osteotome use in dental implant procedures can be managed with the Epley maneuver.

New Approach in Endodontics: Cryotherapy for Vital Pulp Treatment

Vital pulp cryotherapy represents a new way to reduce inflammation and postoperative pain in endodontic care.

Digital Workflow for Porcelain Veneers

With the use of digital planning and digital workflows, clinicians can help ensure streamlined veneer treatment and predictable outcomes.

Addressing Emerging Infectious Diseases in Dental Practice

Taking basic precautions will help protect dental teams and patients from cross-transmission risks from emerging infectious diseases.

Guest Editorial

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Continuing Education

CE Sponsored by Colgate: Developments in Dental Office Bleaching Technology

Clinicians can answer patients’ demand for tooth whitening with new office bleaching techniques.

Behavior and Caries Management in Pediatric Dentistry

An examination of management techniques and variables that impact clinical decision-making in pediatric dentistry.

Periodontal Grafting in Patients With Inadequate Keratinized Gingiva

These grafting procedures will enhance restorative results in periodontal patients with inadequate keratinized gingiva.

Establish a Pro-HPV Vaccine Practice

The entire dental team plays an important role in creating a pro-HPV vaccine practice.


Editor’s Note

Data Protection Remains a Key Clinical Concern

There is a rash of data theft. The New York Times detailed one such incident involving the hijacking of systems data and more than 100 years of municipal records from a Florida city.

At a Glance

Engagement May Protect Against Dental Burnout

Earlier this year, the American Dental Association (ADA) Practice Institute held its first conference specifically on battling burnout in dentistry.

Products and Services

Tray Aways and Supergel from Keystone Industries

Dental Impression System Offers Reliable Results.

Optic White Professional from Colgate

Advanced Ionic Technology Transforms Your Patients’ Whitening Experience.

Newsline + Industry Info

Study Moves Researchers a Step Closer to Tooth Regeneration Technologies

Research led by investigators at the University of Southern California (USC) may provide clues about the effect of epigenetic regulation on root patterning and development.

Safety Symposium Slated for Chicago

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry will host a safety symposium on “Hidden Threats and Safe Practices: Steps to Creating a Safe Dental Home,” November 8–9, 2019 in Chicago.

Continuing Education Article Focuses on Tooth Bleaching Technology

Given demand for esthetic procedures, identifying effective and case-appropriate tooth whitening technologies can help patients achieve their whitest smiles.

America’s Dentists Care Foundation Prepares for Future Growth

Due to increasing demand for logistical support for charitable dental clinics, the America’s Dentists Care Foundation (ADCF) is ramping up its capabilities and launching a new fundraising campaign.


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