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This Month’s Features

10 Steps to Rubber Dam Isolation in Restorative Therapy

Not limited to endodontics, dental dams also offer clinical advantages in restorative dental treatment.

Fixed Retention in Orthodontics

Clinicians have many options when choosing and customizing fixed retention devices in orthodontics.

Digital Workflow for Occlusal Guards

Digital technologies that allow the in-office design and fabrication of occlusal guards can reduce chairtime and fabrication time, thus improving the patient and provider experience.

Semantics of Dental Terminology

Oral health professionals should consider using language that facilitates better management of chronic oral diseases.

Continuing Education

Maintenance for Implants Based On Diagnostic Categories

A patient-specific maintenance regimen plays a pivotal role in the success of the dental implant process.

Clinical Considerations for Delivery of Immediate Dentures

An exploration of the advantages of immediate dentures compared to conventional complete denture treatment.

Avoiding Complications During the Restorative Phase of Implant Dentistry

As part of the dental implant process, these restorative strategies will help eliminate complications and peri-implant disease.

Managing Measles in the Dental Setting

With the increasing incidence of measles in the United States, dental professionals should be able to recognize this disease and understand the related oral health considerations.


Editor’s Note

Superbugs and Antibiotic Drug Development

There is a new type of antibiotic resistance, and it comes from an unexpected source.

At a Glance

Research Reveals Underreporting in Health Histories

Evidence continues to mount that oral health is a key component of overall health, but without access to patients’ medical records, dentists must rely on patients to accurately share their health histories.

Products and Services

November / December 2019 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.

VOCO’s Admira Fusion x-tra Combines Optimal Physical Properties with Universal Shade Matching

Omni-chromatic nano-ORMOCER restorative simplifies shading.

Newsline + Industry Info

New Reference Values Announced For Developing Dentition

Children’s teeth don’t develop along the traditionally accepted timeline, according to a study from the University of Missouri School of Medicine.

National Campaign Launched to Reduce Dental Opioid Misuse

The Medicaid|Medicare|CHIP Services Dental Association, a nonprofit that advocates for quality oral health care for Medicaid, Medicare and Children’s Health Insurance Program beneficiaries, has launched a campaign aimed at reducing opioid use for postsurgical dental pain management.

Sociodemographic Disparities Noted In Oral Cancer Screening Rates

Dental professionals play an important role in identifying oral and oropharyngeal cancer through oral cancer screenings, as early detection significantly improves patient survival rates.


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