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This Month’s Features

Using 3D Printing to Streamline Time-Sensitive Immediate Dentures

The application of in-house three-dimensional printing technology can greatly accelerate denture delivery.

Optimizing Esthetics With a Single Veneer

Following conservative esthetic principles, this clinical report details the use of a feldspathic porcelain veneer to restore a single maxillary lateral incisor.

Improving Access for Patients With Special Needs

A pilot program demonstrates how a new approach can improve care for these patients.

Continuing Education

Current Perspectives on Articaine in Dental Anesthesia

This hybrid agent offers distinct benefits over other local anesthetic drugs.

Decision-Making in Esthetic and Functional Crown Lengthening

A clear grasp of the biology of the periodontal/restorative interface will help support clinicians when performing crown lengthening procedures.

Oral Health Management for Patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dental teams will benefit from an understanding of the oral health challenges faced by this patient population, as well as strategies for successful management.

Occlusal Assessment During Periodontal Evaluation

The implications of occlusal issues should be taken into account during comprehensive periodontal examinations.


Editor’s Note

Will Omicron Produce Super Immunity?

A Gallup poll concerning American’s opinion of the COVID-19 pandemic was conducted from January 3rd through the 14th of this year. The results show that 20% of respondents feel that, even with the Omicron variant, the situation is improving; 22% feel it is staying the same; and 58% believe it is getting worse. One-half are [...]

At a Glance

Magnification’s Role in Today’s Dental Practice

If a picture is worth a thousand words, it follows that a clear view of the field of operation is priceless. Oral health professionals can’t treat what they cannot clearly see, which is why magnification and illumination are indispensable clinical tools. Underscoring the importance of these technologies, Stephen K. Harrel, DDS, a periodontist and an [...]

Products and Services

Tips to Improve Operator Technique During Digital Radiography

The effective use of digital X-rays can help reduce radiation dose while yielding high-quality diagnostic images.

Conservative Esthetic Technique With Direct Composite Bonding

Direct composite bonding in the anterior segment is a conservative and affordable treatment option for post-orthodontic smile enhancement.

Marketplace March 2022

A listing of featured products.

Newsline + Industry Info

The Art of Dental Finance and Management

Decisions in Dentistry is pleased to be the media partner for the popular, insightful and inspiring weekly podcast from dental industry financial expert Art Wiederman, CPA. The podcast, “The Art of Dental Finance and Management,” addresses topics essential to practicing clinicians. Presented in partnership with the Academy of Dental CPAs, each episode will help oral [...]

Disarming a Blood-Clotting Protein Prevents Periodontal Disease in Mice

In research that offers insight into treating periodontal disease and other inflammatory disorders, an investigation led  by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research has shown that blocking the function of a blood-clotting protein prevents bone loss from periodontal disease in mice. Drawing on animal and human data, researchers found that buildup of the [...]

Air Techniques Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

Air Techniques, the largest manufacturer of dental air compressors and vacuum systems in North America, is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2022. Founded in 1962, Air Techniques has brought many advances in utility products and digital technologies to dental professionals, and looks to continue this tradition as it plans future product launches. The company’s legacy [...]

Endodontist Named Acting Director of the National Institutes of Health

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has appointed endodontist Lawrence A. Tabak, DDS, PhD, as acting director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Tabak will lead the agency in an interim capacity until a replacement can be found for retiring NIH director Francis S. Collins, MD, PhD, who was the longest [...]


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