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This Month’s Features

Complex Restorative Dentistry Aided by Digital Technology

An exploration of how digital technology can improve efficiency and predictability without compromising fundamental treatment concepts when managing complex restorative cases.

Oral Health Implications of a Patient With Albinism and Bilateral Maxillary Paramolars

This case presentation is believed to be the first literature report of the dental management of a patient with oculocutaneous albinism and supernumerary maxillary paramolars.

Three-Dimensional Imaging in Periodontal and Implant Therapy

Douglas W. Beals, DDS, MS, of Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Glendale, Arizona, presents an overview of the utility of cone beam computed tomography in periodontal treatment and dental implant therapy.

Guest Editorial

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Continuing Education

Dental Management of Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer

A summary of recently published data from the landmark OraRad study, which seeks to facilitate evidence-based dental management of this patient cohort.

The Delicate Balance of Remineralization and Demineralization

Effective caries management and prevention depend on a thorough knowledge of the demineralization/remineralization process.

Micronutrients’ Role in Oral and Systemic Health

Remaining up to date on the role vitamins and minerals play in a functioning immune system — as well as how they relate to oral health — will help ensure effective, patient-centered care.

Suicide Screening in Dental Settings

Incorporating screening questionnaires that assess probability for suicide ideation, capability, and attempt into the medical history form may help ensure at-risk patients receive the help they need.


Editor’s Note

Platelet Use in Reducing Rejection Rates

Platelets are cell fragments surrounded by membranes, and their main function is to act with fibrin to stop blood flow in wounds.

At a Glance

Practical Tips For Aerosol Management

While cross-contamination risks from dental aerosols were a concern long before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no denying the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 has brought aerosols into the limelight.

Products and Services

7 Habits of Successful Implant Restorative Dentists

Clinical considerations and techniques to help ensure success when restoring dental implants with cemented prostheses.

Single-Shade Composite Offers Excellent Esthetics

Tokuyama’s OMNICHROMA restoratives represent the next evolution of universal composites.

Flexible Financing Facilitates Care While Increasing Revenue

Altius Healthcare Management CEO Darren Boggs discusses how his group solved patient financing challenges with Sunbit — and boosted their financing revenue stream by fivefold

Ergonomically Optimal Loupes Support Proper Practice Posture

By encouraging an ideal working posture, LumaDent’s ErgoPrism loupes help eliminate the musculoskeletal stress of daily practice.

Newsline + Industry Info

Plaque-Fighting Nanorobots Provide Personalized, Hands-Free Oral Care

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and School of Engineering and Applied Science have shown that microrobots are capable of brushing and flossing human teeth.

Data Reveal Tooth Longevity After Root Canal Treatment

Research from the Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University School of Dentistry that included data from more than 46,000 electronic health records found that whether restored with a crown or direct restoration, 11 years is the average survival rate for teeth post-root canal treatment.

University of the Pacific Establishes Innovative Healthcare Collaborative

The University of the Pacific has received a $4 million lead gift from Stephen and Pamela Thorne to establish the Pacific Dental Services Health Care Collaborative, an innovative teaching and patient care facility that’s said to be one of the first of its kind in a university setting.

Report Offers Blueprint for Equitable Oral Healthcare

Poor oral health reduces the economic vitality of American society by increasing healthcare costs and limiting workforce participation.

The Art of Dental Finance and Management

Decisions in Dentistry is pleased to be the media partner for the popular, insightful and inspiring weekly podcast from dental industry financial expert Art Wiederman, CPA.


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