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This Month’s Features

A Review of How Photofunctionalization Restores Titanium Implants

This technique may be able to reverse titanium implant degradation, promote osseointegration, and shorten healing times

Implant Therapy Through Digital Dentistry

Adam E. Saltz, DMD, MS, MPH, discusses how CAD/CAM technology has impacted implant dentistry, providing advancements in precision, efficiency, and outcomes

Guest Editorial

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Continuing Education

Navigating Post-Frenectomy Wound Care

This systematic review explores recommendations for infant post-frenectomy wound care and suggestions for future research

Breaking Down Dental Caries

A comprehensive approach to managing dental caries in high- and extreme-risk patients encompasses behavioral modifications, adjunct therapies, and professional interventions

Addressing Substance Use in Modern Dental Practice

Dentists can integrate evidence-based screening tools to detect substance use disorders, fostering communication and offering referrals to addiction treatment specialists

Insights on the Hepatitis C Virus

As hepatitis C infections surge, oral health professionals must stay informed to protect themselves and their patients, emphasizing the importance of education, testing, and early detection in combating this silent disease


Editor’s Note

Resolving Chronic Inflammation

Many chronic inflammatory diseases are related to a reduction or absence of specialized pro-resolving mediators.

At a Glance

Providing Patient-Focused Whitening Approaches

Tooth whitening is frequently requested by all types of patients, regardless of the status of their oral health. Before considering any over-the-counter (OTC) products or starting any professional treatments, a thorough examination is indicated to assess for caries, existing restorations, white spots, discolorations, sensitivity issues, and status of occlusion.1 Radiographs can reveal reasons for dark [...]

Products and Services

Clinical Insights: Unlock the Power of Team-Based Sales Training

Boost your full-arch production and master the art of closing at the Closing Institute’s Full Arch Growth Conference

Clinical Insights: A New Direction

The Fiber Optic Post System by 
iLumi Sciences Inc provides a clinically 
successful post-retention system

Clinical Insights: Revolutionizing Dental Radiography

Discover how a Portland, Maine dental practice made the leap from traditional film radiography to cutting-edge digital technology with the DC-Air wireless dental X-ray sensor.

Clinical Insights: New Product Transforms 3D Restorations

Discover how Rodin Bond offers exceptional bond strength and patient comfort in a game-changing package

Clinical Insights: Introducing a Game-Changing Solution

W&H’s Piezomed module represents a significant step forward in dental surgery technology

Newsline + Industry Info

Retirement Spurs Shortage of Dentists

The United States experienced a windfall of dental school graduates during the 1970s and 1980s. Unfortunately, this large group of dentists began to retire in 2015, which impacted the supply of dentists across the nation. This generation will continue to leave the workforce through 2030, leaving the country without enough dentists to fulfill demand even [...]

Oral Health Is Linked to Cancer Survival

A recent study highlights a link between oral health and survival rates in individuals with head and neck cancer. The study of 2,500 patients emphasized that better oral health, determined by factors including natural teeth count and dental visit frequency before diagnosis, corresponded to improved survival rates. Patients with regular dental visits exhibited higher 5-year [...]


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