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Clinical Insights: Revolutionizing Dental Radiography

Discover how a Portland, Maine dental practice made the leap from traditional film radiography to cutting-edge digital technology with the DC-Air wireless dental X-ray sensor.


When I first took over my dental practice in Portland, Maine, in early 2022, I was stepping into a space that was deeply rooted in traditional methods, particularly when it came to radiography. The practice was using film for its radiographs, a reliable but increasingly outdated technology. The transition to a digital workflow was not just a choice but a necessity for providing cutting-edge dental care. That’s when I discovered the DC-Air™ wireless dental x-ray sensor.

Switching from film to digital radiography has been transformative for my practice. The high resolution of the DC-Air sensor has significantly improved my diagnostic capabilities. Unlike other sensors, which seemed like a compromise on image quality and reliability, DC-Air has proven to be the best of both worlds. The clarity and detail in the images have been game changers, allowing for more accurate and timely treatment plans.

This sensor uses a new type of imaging technology (direct conversion) that bypasses the step of converting X-ray signal to visible light before creating an image. This gives the DC-Air a clearer native image, and I notice myself spending less (if any) time using filters to enhance images when reviewing them, although there are many available to work with.

The Wow Factor

One of the most rewarding aspects of using the DC-Air system has been the reaction from patients. The wow factor is indeed real. The sensor’s ultra-slim profile and the absence of cumbersome wires have made the experience more pleasant for both the patient and the dental team. Patients are genuinely impressed by the speed and comfort of the procedure, and they often comment on how the technology has elevated their overall dental experience.

Durability and Peace of Mind

In a busy dental practice, accidents are bound to happen. Whether a sensor gets dropped or a patient bites down too soon, these incidents can be costly with traditional sensors. However, the DC-Air sensor is built to last. Knowing that the sensor can withstand various conditions, including drops onto hard surfaces and even high bite force, has given me and my team peace of mind. It’s a relief to not worry about breaking a sensor in the middle of a busy day, and the use of Bluetooth technology means the sensor is trackable if misplaced. The extended Protection Plan — included with purchase of the sensor — is another huge confidence booster, making the cost of this necessary equipment predictable and manageable even in a worst-case scenario.

Seamless Integration and Workflow Efficiency

The DC-Air system has integrated seamlessly into our existing software, making the transition even smoother. The sensor’s impressive battery life ensures that we are always ready for the next patient. The quick recharge time and smart-sleep functionality have further streamlined our workflow, allowing us to focus more on patient care rather than technical glitches.


The DC-Air wireless dental X-ray sensor has been a valuable addition to our practice. It has not only improved the quality of care but also enhanced the patient experience and streamlined our workflow. For any dental practitioners contemplating the switch to digital radiography or an upgrade to their existing digital system, I highly recommend considering the DC-Air. It’s an investment that pays off in dividends of efficiency, reliability, and patient satisfaction.


Freedom Technologies Group

From Decisions of Dentistry. October 2023; 9(9):18

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