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Clinical Insights: Introducing a Game-Changing Solution

W&H’s Piezomed module represents a significant step forward in dental surgery technology


Are you seeking to enhance your practice with Piezo surgical technology?  Many of the benefits of Piezo movement are well documented through the years of clinical use and research, including a lower incidence of cutting soft tissue while performing precise cuts in the bone with minimal bleeding and the preservation of thin facial plates when performing extractions. Unfortunately, the actual devices frequently required the staff to set up a separate unit, with its own irrigation line and footprint in the already crowded operatory. W&H has created a unique product connecting the Piezo surgical device to the existing rotary surgical system in the practice — seamlessly integrating an implant motor and Piezo into a single device. This new combination of Implantmed with the Piezomed module, enables a wide range of surgical applications.

Rick Sullivan, III, DDS, FICOI, a general dentist in a private practice in Brentwood, Tennessee, loves the new Piezomed module. In his practice, he spends about 75% of the time performing surgery, with a specific focus on implant dentistry. Dr. Sullivan has been using the W&H Implantmed for the past several years performing procedures that include the extraction of hopeless teeth and grafting — preparing the site for implants (either immediate or delayed); ridge augmentations; and sinus grafting.

“When we started using the Implantmed at our practice, I was so impressed I encouraged fellow dentists to upgrade their motors from the basic kit units. The multiple uses of the Implantmed Plus coupled with the extensive handpiece selection have made this system one of the most valuable tools in my practice. When I heard about the Piezomed module, I was thrilled because I am familiar with the quality and reliability that comes with the W&H brand. My team and I were also excited because now we did not have to bring out a separate piezo unit during surgery,” Dr. Sullivan shared.

Wide Range of Benefits

The Piezomed module offers a wide range of benefits including automatic instrument detection, high power, efficient cooling due to the spray opening near the instrument’s working area, and maintenance of a sterile environment by eliminating the need for a cooling fan.

Dr. Sullivan particularly appreciates the automatic instrument detection. “I love the fact that I don’t have to change between two different machines while I am working. The unit is always ready to go and it’s just a matter of a pedal tap and choosing a tip and I am going again. The machine recognizes the tips and automatically adjusts itself. This saves both time and reduces errors,” he noted.

Piezo Technology

W&H’s Piezomed module streamlines the surgical procedure by harnessing cutting-edge piezo technology, ensuring precise resection of only the bone substance while reducing the risk to the adjacent soft tissue. This translates into tangible benefits for the patient, including reduced pain and improved healing.

In Dr. Sullivan’s practice, the Piezomed module has allowed the team to be more streamlined – helping to ensure his surgeries go smoothly. “I am able to quickly pivot from one technique to the other with only the push of the pedal. I don’t have to wheel another cart over and look around for another pedal. It means less to clean up for my team and less to store and inventory.

“The power of the unit is very impressive and easily outperforms the other units that I own. I recently completed a case with bilateral lateral window sinus lifts and was so impressed with the speed and power of the Piezomed module. I use it on all of my ‘all on x’ cases because it has allowed me to be more precise and streamlined in my bone reduction,” Dr. Sullivan commented.

For those seeking to elevate their practice with the latest in Piezo technology, the Piezomed module by W&H offers a game-changing solution.


From Decisions of Dentistry. October 2023; 9(9):22

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