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This Month’s Features

Retention of the Natural Dentition and Replacement of Missing Teeth

Biological and technical advances — combined with appropriate treatment planning and care — are helping patients achieve long-term retention of their natural dentition.

Stereolithography: The Future of Dental Fabrication

The advent of three-dimensional printing technology adds a new tool for the creation of dental appliances and prosthetics.

Clinical Decisions When Using Universal Adhesives

A review of the scenarios encountered with the use of these agents, and the evidence supporting a case-appropriate choice.

Guest Editorial

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Continuing Education

Oral Health’s Involvement in Adverse Birth Outcomes

A literature review examining the evidence of an association between preterm births, low birth weight and periodontal disease.

Dentists’ Evolving Role in Treating Cleft Lip and Palate

An overview of developments in care for this patient population, and the ever changing and expanding role of the dental provider.

CE Sponsored by Philips—Clinical Strategies for Ethical, Culturally Competent Care

Respecting diversity requires open communication with patients, and understanding their perception of health and disease, as influenced by traditional beliefs.

Advantages of Teledentistry Technologies

Implementing telehealth practices can enhance oral health care delivery and improve access to care.


Editor’s Note

The Etiology of Implant Failure

Ten years ago, if someone asked why dental implants fail, the most frequent answer would have been bacteria.

At a Glance


National spending on dental care (when adjusted for inflation) continues to rise year after year, according to a new report from the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF).

Products and Services

Practice Solutions: Providers and Patients Benefit from VOCO’s Rebilda Post GT

Innovative Post Design Preserves Maximum Tooth Structure

FAQ: GentleWave System from Sonendo

Thorough Root Canal Disinfection via Multisonic Ultracleaning Technology.

Product Profiles: Minnow polishers from Microcopy

Miniature Polishers Help Access Even Tight Spaces.


A listing of featured products.

Product Profiles: Integrated restorative systems from Nobel Biocare

Innovative Posterior Solutions for Single-Unit Implants.

Product Profiles: Dia-X rotary files from DiaDent

Nickel–Titanium File System Maximizes Clinical Efficiency.

Product Profiles: iTero Element from iTero

Improving Chairside Consults Through Digital Scanning Technology.

Product Profiles: Planmeca Emerald Scanner

Next-Gen Intraoral Scanner Enhances the Clinical Experience.

Newsline + Industry Info

Academy Publishes ‘Best Evidence Consensus’ on Cone Beam Computed Tomography

The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) has published a “best evidence consensus” (BEC) on the topic of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).

Nobel Biocare Partners With Dentalpoint AG

Nobel Biocare has entered into a partnership with Dentalpoint AG — a leader in ceramic dental implants — to add a zirconia implant solution to its portfolio.

Extending Cultural Respect When Treating Diverse Dental Patients

With today’s diverse population, cultural awareness is imperative to help clinicians understand how culture influences a patient’s communication style, beliefs and attitudes toward health care.


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