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Product Profiles: iTero Element from iTero

Improving Chairside Consults Through Digital Scanning Technology.




  • Since its launch, the iTero Element digital intraoral scanner has been making significant inroads in practices. Its advanced features allow it to be used in a variety of processes to enhance and streamline digital restorative workflows.
  • With the recent upgrade — which includes proprietary TimeLapse Technology — the iTero Element scanner has the capability to improve patient case acceptance.
  • Thanks to TimeLapse Technology, this unit scans in as little as 60 seconds,* and the resulting three-dimensional (3D) visualizations can be compared to previous scans to document progressive changes in the dentition and gingiva.
  • These digital impressions show the patient potential areas of concern — with none of the mess or hassle associated with traditional impression materials.
  • When patients see problems for themselves, they are able to make better and more informed decisions regarding treatment, typically right at chairside with their practitioner.
  • In addition to offering vibrant, realistic color scanning, additional features include iTero’s exclusive Invisalign outcome simulator and 3D Invisalign progress assessment.
  • This versatile unit also provides multibite scanning capability and a certified lab connectivity workflow.


The iTero Element scanner with TimeLapse Technology offers real-time visualization at chairside that can be used to aid patient education and increase case acceptance. With enhanced features that streamline digital restorative workflows, this scanner is a cutting-edge addition to any office — a device that increases practice efficiency and profitability, while enhancing the patient experience.

*With the iTero 1.5 software upgrade, patient scans can be completed in as little as 60 seconds.



From Decisions in Dentistry. November 2017;3(11):59.

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