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This Month’s Features

GUEST EDITORIAL: Collaborative Leadership in Multidisciplinary Treatment

The following approach will help ensure better outcomes in collaborations between dental and orthodontic providers — and, by extension, when collaborating with the extended healthcare team.

Utilizing a Digital Workflow for Implant Treatment Planning

Use of digital workflows in implant treatment has improved diagnosis, case planning and surgical execution, leading to more predictable implant outcomes.

Decision-Making In Modern Mucogingival Therapy

Properly managing mucogingival defects will set appropriate clinical expectations and improve long-term surgical outcomes.

Guest Editorial

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Continuing Education

Original Research: Antibiotic Prescribing Trends Among Dentists

Research into antibiotic scripts from dental providers shows declines in the rate of prescribing per patient encounter.

Diagnostic Utility of Oral Fluid Biomarkers

Oral health professionals are well positioned to use oral fluid biomarkers to screen patients for systemic and oral diseases.

Managing Burnout and Perfectionism in Dentistry

An examination of the signs and symptoms of burnout, the role perfectionism may play, and mitigation strategies for oral health professionals.

Oral Care for Patients With Gastroparesis

Dental professionals should be prepared to help patients address the oral signs and symptoms of gastroparesis.


Editor’s Note

Variants Spell Ongoing Need for Caution

Recent published data indicate the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States has dropped in many areas.

At a Glance

Growing Demand Projected for Digital Dentistry

As more patients request perfect smiles or appreciate the time-savings of same-day restorations and appliances, dental offices are increasingly embracing in-office computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and three-dimensional (3D) printing technologies.

Products and Services

Online Program Makes Oral Care Recommendations Easy

Colgate’s professional recommendation website connects patients with individually tailored oral care products.

May 2021 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.

Newsline + Industry Info

Robotic Technology Helps Train Implant Students

New York University College of Dentistry is now using surgical robots for dental implant surgeries.

Colgate Recognizes Research Excellence

Colgate has announced this year’s recipients of the Colgate Award for Research Excellence (CARE).

The Art of Dental Finance and Management

Podcast Hosted by Art Wiederman, CPA.


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