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This Month’s Features

Accurate Diagnosis in Endodontic Therapy

A careful evaluation of the patient’s clinical presentation and pathosis is key to establishing a sound endodontic diagnosis.

Clinical Assessment of Nonnutritive Sucking

The sequelae associated with this behavior can have negative oral health consequences, so clinicians should be positioned to offer behavior and orthodontic cessation strategies.

Examining Bioactive Restorative Materials

What the evidence says about their clinical application in restorative dentistry.

Mitigate Cross-Contamination Risks

Implementing the following practices for personal protective equipment will help ensure the safety of patients and dental teams.

Understanding Implant Abutment Connection Interfaces

This site warrants careful consideration when restoring dental implants, as the choice of components can directly impact outcomes.

Continuing Education

Innovations in Endodontic Cleaning and Disinfection

The challenges inherent to this portion of endodontic treatment have led to technologies designed to help ensure clinical success.

Oral Health Implications of Antiresorptive Medications

Due to the potential adverse oral health effects associated with these drugs, special care is needed when treating this patient group.

Chemotherapeutics in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease

The use of these adjunctive therapies can enhance the outcome of traditional management strategies.

Treating Patients With Extreme Body Modifications

These insights will help clinicians provide effective care and recommendations designed to support oral health in this patient population.


Editor’s Note

Big Brother is Closer Than You Think

Some of us look at these infringements on freedom of movement and expression as distasteful.

At a Glance

Report Shows Modest Increase in Dental Visits

As dentistry becomes more evidence-based, it’s hoped that patients will receive similar care for similar conditions, regardless of where they are treated.

Products and Services

Product Profile: Arti-Spray from Bausch

Arti-Spray Tests for the Proper Fit of Crowns and Bridges.


A listing of featured products.

Newsline + Industry Info

Recommendations Outline Best Ways to Integrate Primary and Oral Health Care

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry and the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry and Gillings School of Global Public Health have issued recommendations for improving the integration of primary and oral health care.

New Research Suggests Bisphosphonates Affect Dental Implant Surgery

Japanese researchers suggest the use of bisphosphonates (BP), a group of medicines that help slow or prevent bone loss, is correlated with increased bone mineral density and cortical bone thickness that may lead to dental implant failure in some patients.

More Sedation Anesthesia Procedures Being Performed In Office-Based Settings

Research published in Anesthesia Progress suggests there is a trend of more sedation anesthesia dental procedures being performed in an office-based setting, rather than a hospital setting, particularly for pediatric care.


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