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JUL/AUG 2023

Volume 9,
Issue 7/8

Grifters Target Dentists in California

Scam artists are posing as members of the California State Dental Board to swindle unsuspecting dentists. They call dental practices noting that the dentist’s license has been suspended due to suspicious drug prescribing practices and then…

The Affordability Crisis

As the diminution of the American middle class continues, the trend was highlighted in a recent article in The Economist.1 It featured the reopening of Tiffany and Company’s flagship New York store, noting that the same day the Bureau of…

Periodontist Joins Decisions’ Editorial Team

Belmont Business Media is pleased to introduce Adam E. Saltz, DMD, MS, MPH, as the new managing editor of Decisions in Dentistry. He joins an editorial team led by Editor in Chief Thomas G. Wilson Jr., DDS. Introduced in 2015, Decisions…

The Meaning Behind Sensitive Oral Mucosa

Patients sometimes present to the dental office with a complaint of sensitive gingiva or oral mucosa. While dentists are aware that this is not a physiological presentation, underlying causes should be investigated. Patients with such a…

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