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This Month’s Features

Impact of Substance Use Disorders On Oral Health: A Case Report

The physical, psychological, and socioeconomic factors surrounding substance use disorders often contribute to dental health deterioration, but successful treatment is available for patients in recovery

Embracing the
3D Revolution

Chris Griffin, DDS, FAGD, shares his decade-long journey as an early adopter of three-dimensional printing technology

Guest Editorial

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Continuing Education

Dental Management of Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw

While rare, this pathology has devastating effects on patient health and quality of life

Addressing Ectopic Eruption of Permanent First Molars

Discover effective approaches to manage this common concern

Long-Term Effects of Non-Nutritive Sucking Habits

This oral habit may have far-reaching consequences on craniofacial development, speech, and oral health

Antibiotic Stewardship and C. Difficile Infection

The need for robust stewardship practices gains prominence in protecting patients from unnecessary antibiotic use, improving outcomes, and curbing the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, especially Clostridioides difficile


Editor’s Note

The Vitamin D Conundrum

Heated discussion is ongoing about how much vitamin D is needed to sustain optimal health. There is agreement that this vitamin is necessary for calcium absorption, while others see additional roles for vitamin D, including control over normal cellular metabolism in different cells and tissues throughout the body. At present, there are two ways to [...]

At a Glance

The Importance of Biofilm Removal

Periodontal and peri-implant involvement has been de­scribed as microbially associated, host-mediated inflammation resulting in loss of attachment.1 Biofilm accumulates interproximally, increasing the pathogenic potential of the bacterial load — thus favoring the development of periodontal diseases. Daily interproximal biofilm disruption can reduce inflammation and disease, and, consequently, improve clinical outcomes.2–5 The availability of a user-friendly [...]

Products and Services

Properly Developing Line Angles

Precision in line angle development enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of dental restorations

Nurturing Caries-free Smiles for a Lifetime

Five things to consider when prescribing 
high-concentration fluoride toothpaste

Learn the Value of Your Practice in a Silent Partnership

Dentists can secure their financial future through partnerships with invisible dental support organizations

Newsline + Industry Info

Dentist Pens an Ode to the Benefits of Aspartame

A Lawrence, Massachusetts dentist is hoping to avoid throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater in light of the recent announcement from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) — part of the World Health Organization — that aspartame may be carcinogenic to humans. Melissa A. Weintraub, DDS, writes from the perspective of [...]

New Agreement Opens Opportunities for Aspiring Native American Students

Strengthening the ties between education institutions, East Carolina University’s (ECU) School of Dental Medicine in Greenville, North Carolina, and the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (UNCP) have collaborated to offer an early assurance agreement (EAA) for aspiring dental students. The agreement ensures qualified UNCP undergraduate students entry to the Doctor of Dental Medicine Program [...]

Canadian Dental Service Succumbs to Demands of Ransomware

The Alberta Dental Service Corp (ADSC) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada gave into a ransomware demand following the theft of more than 1.4 million patient records, some of which contained payment information. Orchestrated by 8base, a ransomware gang that originated in March 2022 with a major uptick in activity in June 2023, the theft occurred on [...]


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