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This Month’s Features

Principles of Endodontic Diagnosis

Proper examination and testing will lead to an accurate endodontic diagnosis, allowing clinicians to deliver appropriate treatment.

Novel Technique for Placing Sealants

This new technique aims to improve the effectiveness of sealants by obtaining the cleanest pits and fissures possible.

Alternative Esthetic Clasp For Removable Partial Dentures on Maxillary Incisors or Canines

In restorative dental treatment, the round-rest, distal depression clasp offers an esthetic alternative for patients needing removable partial dentures.

Guest Editorial

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Continuing Education

Coronavirus Transmission In the Dental Setting

Oral health professionals should remain up-to-date on the coronavirus, and clinical measures to prevent its transmission in the dental setting.

Improve Implant Outcomes With Periodontal Maintenance

Implementing a risk-based, patient-specific periodontal maintenance program will help support long-term implant success.

Childhood Obesity Screening and Education in Dental Practice

Although there are many causes of childhood obesity, oral health professionals can help manage this public health issue by providing screening and education based on individual risk factors.

Varicella Zoster Virus in Oral Health Care

Oral health professionals should be familiar with shingles symptoms, the varicella vaccine, and the disease’s oral manifestations.


Editor’s Note

Make the Best of the COVID-19 Pandemic

 The coronavirus has won the first battle, but not the war.  

At a Glance

Impact of Dental Services on Total Cost of Care

According to claims data analysis from health insurer Cigna, plan members who did not receive preventive dental care had significantly higher per person costs for services such as emergency visits, endodontic treatment and restorations.

Products and Services

How Happy Employees Make Your Practice More Profitable

Staffing resources from CEDR HR Solutions.

Newsline + Industry Info

Recipients of the Colgate Award for Research Excellence Announced

Five junior faculty members have been honored with the Colgate Award for Research Excellence.

Scientists Use Neutrons To Develop Better, Less Costly Dental Restorations

Fernando Luis Esteban Florez, DDS, PhD, MS, an assistant professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center College of Dentistry, is performing neutron scattering research to study the effectiveness of new dental restoratives.

April Is Sjögren Awareness Month

April is Sjögren Syndrome Awareness Month, which underscores the need for clinicians to be aware of the signs and symptoms of this disease.

The Art of Dental Finance and Management

Decisions in Dentistry is pleased to announce a new podcast hosted by dental industry financial expert Art Wiederman, CPA.

Dentists Should Review Medication Histories, Regardless of Patient Age

Younger dental patients may be taking medications that could affect their long-term oral health, according to a study from Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University School of Dentistry.


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