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This Month’s Features

Universal Classification in Endodontic Diagnosis

Establishing a proper pulpal and periapical diagnosis is key to determining appropriate clinical treatment.

Considerations for Pediatric Dental Radiography

Proper technique and the implementation of strict safety protocols are critical steps during pediatric imaging.

Therapeutic Approaches to Erosive Tooth Wear

Use these evidence-based techniques to prevent and treat this common oral health condition.

Guest Editorial

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Continuing Education

Clinical Insights Into Managing Pediatric Pain

Successful procedural outcomes depend on effective pain management — and this is especially true when treating children.

The Relationship Between Appliance Therapy and Self-Care

Clinicians must promote effective self-care in order to help patients avoid decalcification, caries and gingivitis during orthodontic treatment.

Principles of Interprofessional Collaboration

An increased emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation between all members of the health care team can improve oral and systemic health outcomes.

Managing Patients With CREST Syndrome

An increased risk for oral pathologies in this population means that clinicians must take a proactive approach to help these patients maintain optimum oral health.


Editor’s Note

Options for Navigating Practice Changes

Options for Navigating Practice Changes

At a Glance

Boost Production by Adding New Cosmetic Services

Dentists looking to boost production may wish to expand the number of cosmetic procedures they offer, as signs point to steady or increasing demand for services.

Products and Services

FAQ: Kerr Restoratives

New dual-cure, self-etch, self-adhesive cement offers cleanup indicator.

Product Profile: Multi-Axis Spiral Suction from Ghost Manufacturing

Award-winning suction tip revolutionizes high-volume evacuation.


Newsline + Industry Info

Research Examines Dental Antibiotic Prescription Trends

Canadian researchers who examined antibiotics use suggest that dentists can do more to limit unnecessary prescriptions.

Zika Virus Detected in Human Saliva

Confirming the detection of Zika virus in human saliva, as reported last July in the Journal of Clinical Virology.

Unified Dentsply Sirona Promises Innovation

With a promise to be the “dental solutions company,” industry heavyweights Dentsply and Sirona have joined forces as Dentsply Sirona.

Study Links Soda To Erosive Tooth Wear in Teens

A study out of Mexico — where sugary beverages are a dietary staple — has affirmed the negative health consequences of soda.


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