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Product Profile: Multi-Axis Spiral Suction from Ghost Manufacturing

Award-winning suction tip revolutionizes high-volume evacuation.




  • Ghost Manufacturing’s innovative Multi-Axis Spiral Suction offers multiple benefits. It’s the only high-volume evacuation (HVE) tip that will not grab the tongue, cheek or other soft tissue — and it also won’t take patients’ breath away if they close on the tip.
  • Engineered to provide continuous suction — even if the end is occluded — it’s designed to prevent the possibility of fluid backflow.
  • The Multi-Axis Spiral Suction allows single-handed dentistry without the use of cumbersome apparatuses. What’s more, dentists will appreciate using an HVE tip that doesn’t constantly grab tissue.
  • When used during four-handed dental procedures, the tip’s design encourages dental assistants to maintain ergonomic hand positioning, while the angled barrel wall simultaneously improves the field of view for the dentist and assistant.
  • Quieter than traditional HVE tips, the product features a rounded edge to prevent possible tissue trauma, plus a rigid barrel that facilitates soft-tissue retraction.
  • Due to its advantageous design and fact that patients can actually close their lips around it, this tip also functions as a saliva ejector. This allows assistants and dental hygienists to eliminate the use of saliva ejectors.
  • The Multi-Axis Spiral Suction has earned 4.8 stars on a five-star scale from more than 110 customers who have reviewed this tip on Ghost’s website. Their comments can be seen at masssuction.com.
  • In addition, the Multi-Axis Spiral Suction has won eight major awards, including The Dental Advisor’s Top HVE Tip award, Reality Publishing’s 4-Star Award, Dental Product Shopper’s Best Product award, and Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Products and Top 25 First Impression Product awards.


Ghost Manufacturing’s award-winning Multi-Axis Spiral Suction has revolutionized dental evacuation by solving the problems associated with traditional HVE tips. Featuring a disposable, single-patient design that promotes asepsis, it’s cost-effective, too. Using the Multi-Axis Spiral Suction costs an average of 15 cents to 17 cents per procedure. And here’s another consideration: This tip is even more cost-effective when you consider the time savings of using the Multi-Axis Spiral Suction, especially when the office is able to eliminate the expense of saliva ejectors.

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