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Special Topics

Patient-Centered Care for an Aging Population

Integrating dental care with individualized health promotion — including preventive screenings and interventions — may help support active, healthy aging. AGD Subject Code: 010 EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES After reading this course, the…

Assessing and Managing Pediatric Xerostomia Risk

While not traditionally noted as high risk for xerostomia, young patients are more commonly experiencing medical conditions and medication use that increase susceptibility to dry mouth. AGD Subject Code: 430 EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES…

Ramifications of Cannabis Use on Oral Healthcare

As the use of medical and recreational cannabis gains momentum, oral health professionals must understand how to provide safe and effective care to patients who use cannabis-based products. AGD Subject Code: 010 EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES…

Opioids’ Impact on Dental Anesthesia

This review presents data from the literature focusing on opioids’ action on the central and peripheral nervous systems and subsequent influence on local anesthetics. AGD Subject Code: 340 EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES After reading this…

Care Strategies for Removable Dental Prostheses

Adopting a multidisciplinary approach can improve outcomes for patients who wear dentures. AGD Subject Code: 670 EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES After reading this course, the participant should be able to: Describe how removable dental…

The Importance of Ergonomics In Dentistry

An exploration of various aspects of ergonomic practice that, if managed properly, can create an efficient working environment that promotes wellness among dental team members. AGD Subject Code: 770 EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES After reading…

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