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Microcopy Introduces the NeoDiamond X-Class

Microcopy (800-235-1863; microcopydental.com) has introduced the addition of 10 extra-coarse diamond burs to its portfolio — the NeoDiamond X-Class. These burs represent the extra-coarse version of 10 of the company’s most popular…

DENTALEZ Expands Aeras Utility Line

DENTALEZ (866-383-4636; dentalez.com) has announced the newest enhancements to its compressor and vacuum lineup. Offering reliability and innovation, the Aeras family by Ramvac has been upgraded to provide greater flexibility and better…


Set to debut at IDS Germany in Cologne, scheduled March 14–18, Admetec (admetec.com) will launch the industry’s first integrated high-definition (HD) camera and headlight for dental loupes. The lightweight Flamingo combines modern tech and…

Instafloss Water Flosser Features 12 Jets

Instafloss (754-307-6152; instafloss.com) is a water flosser with 12 simultaneous jets that provides a complete water floss in 10 seconds. According to the company, 70% of the population regularly skips flossing because the process takes…

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