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Elevate Introduces Allday Dry Mouth Gel

Allday Dry Mouth Gel is the newest addition to the Elevate Oral Care (877-866-9113; elevateoralcare.com) oral moisturizing product line. Allday Gel combats dry mouth differently than any other moisturizing oral product. Its patented formula…

SeenView Makes Tech Affordable

An innovative dental technology company dedicated to providing oral health professionals with state-of-the-art technology at the most affordable prices, SeenView looks to bridge the gap between high-quality dental tech and affordability.…

ClearClub Custom Mouth Guards

The ClearClub custom mouth guard was designed with your optimal protection and comfort in mind. Day and night, our customers feel confident about obtaining our custom mouthguards because of their high quality and competitive price. One…

Become Exceptional With an AGC Membership

What if you had the opportunity to unlock your professional potential with just one decision?  Bringing together dentists from all over the world, the Aligner Global Community is growing, with more than 7000 members from 82 countries who…

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