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iMatrix™-Disposable Disposable Matrix Band


Pac-Dent, Inc., is proud to announce the launch of the iMatrix™-Disposable Disposable Matrix Band. The addition of this pre-assembled disposable matrix and retainer system expands Pac-Dent’s existing iMatrix™ Sectional Matrix System.

The iMatrix™-Disposable is a single-use, pre-assembled disposable matrix and retainer system designed for both composite and amalgam restorations of every class. The iMatrix™-Disposable features a compact and easy-to-place matrix band that is easily adjustable with a 180° moving head for any quadrant or angle with a twisting handle to maximize patient comfort and quick-release locking system for fast removal without disturbing the restoration. The ultra-thin matrix bands are available in a V or pre-contoured shape to adapt to all tooth contours, allowing for a tight seal in any restoration.

Pac-Dent’s innovative clear mylar matrix band allows for a more seamless curing procedure as the curing light easily passes through the clear mylar band. This cure-through design allows for greater visibility during the curing process to more accurately assess shade compatibility and marginal integrity.

Features and Benefits of the iMatrix™-Disposable

  1. Convenient and time-saving disposable system
  2. Compact size allows for increased comfort and visibility
  3. Easily adjustable with 180° moving head and quick-release locking system
  4. Available in stainless steel and mylar V shape
  5. Available in pre-contoured stainless steel

*Patent Pending

For more information on the iMatrix™-Disposable, visit https://pac-dent.com/

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