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BURST® Oral Care Launches New Products

To further its mission of bringing better oral hygiene to all, BURST Oral Care is proud to introduce the Pro Sonic Toothbrush and Curve Sonic Toothbrush to market. Featuring innovative designs and new technology, both brushes were created…

New Light-Cured Dental Adhesive Is Introduced

Introducing Rodin™ Bond, a versatile light-cured dental adhesive meticulously designed for use with direct and indirect bonding applications. Utilizing an innovative glass filler technology, Rodin™ Bond fortifies the hybrid zone and deeply…

Introducing Aeras Intel

Set to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry by Connecting Medical Devices and Systems Through IoT Technology

Ultradent Adds New Cordless Prophy Handpiece

Ultradent Products, Inc., introduces the Ultrapro™ Tx Cordless handpiece to its Ultrapro™ Tx prophylaxis family. Building on a legacy of providing innovative dental solutions, the Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece combines the power and…

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