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Orascoptic Introduces Ergo Loupes


Orascoptic (800-369-3698; orascoptic.com) has announced the launch of Ergo loupes. Developed with the goal of improving patient outcomes by elevating clinicians’ level of care, the new loupes feature refractive prisms that allow oral health professionals to sit up straight and maintain a neutral posture to avoid neck tilt and musculoskeletal stress. The optical systems utilize Grade A fine annealed glass lenses fused with anti-scratch and antireflective coatings, while Orascoptic’s carrier lenses are made with a high-index polycarbonate material. Available in the RDH Ergo 3.0x and HDL Ergo 3.5x magnification levels, these deflection optics increase operators’ visual acuity while simultaneously improving the ergonomics of daily practice.

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