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This Month’s Features

Standards in Contemporary Endodontics

An exploration of the current standard of practice in endodontic treatment, with insights into appropriate — and possibly collaborative — multidisciplinary care.

Considerations for Sedation In Dentistry

As the use of minimal and 
moderate sedation in dental practice has grown, new models, methodologies and guidelines have emerged.

Clinical Manifestations of Internal Resorption

The diagnosis of this condition is made through a combination of clinical and radiographic findings.

Differential Diagnosis of a Large Maxillary Lesion

Potentially signaling a number of oral health issues, diagnosing this radiopaque mass proved clinically challenging due to multiple possible etiologies.

Guest Editorial

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Continuing Education

Laser Use in Periodontics and Peri-implantitis

Although the evidence supporting their efficacy for periodontics and implantology is mixed, lasers are increasingly being used in these therapies.

Multifactorial Periodontal Risk Assessment

Successful periodontal treatment depends on a clinician’s ability to identify, monitor and manage complex risk factors.

Oral Health Concerns in Older Adults

Clinicians can help improve the oral and systemic health of this patient population by promoting preventive measures and healthy behaviors.

Identifying Risk Factors for Suicide

Screening in oral health care settings can help save the lives of patients with suicidal thoughts.


Editor’s Note

The Secret to Professional Longevity

My barber was a prisoner in Germany during World War II. Known simply as EB, he still cuts hair six days a week — as he has since being discharged from the Army in 1946.

At a Glance

Preparing for the Silver Tsunami

America’s growing population of adults age 65 and older is one of the most significant factors shaping our current — and future — health care system.

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KOL Forum

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Newsline + Industry Info

Report Explores Measures to Eliminate Hepatitis B and C

The United States can end the transmission of hepatitis B and C and prevent further sickness and death from the diseases — but it will take considerable resources and a long-term commitment, according to a report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Periodontology Meeting Offers Multidisciplinary Professional Development

Registration is open for the American Academy of Periodontology’s 102nd Annual Meeting (perio.org), scheduled Sept. 10–13 in San Diego.

Experimental Drug Shows Potential for Treating Zika Virus Infections

Virologists from the University of Leuven in Belgium have discovered that an experimental antiviral drug for treating hepatitis C may be effective in arresting or slowing the development of the Zika virus.

Maine Joins Nationwide Effort to Stem Prescription Opioid Abuse

As legislatures throughout the nation ponder ways to rein in prescriptions for opioid painkillers, Maine has become the third state — after Massachusetts and Washington — to cap the daily strength of opioid prescriptions.

Hand Hygiene and Safe Injection Practices Come Up Short in Study

In a study of 15 outpatient facilities, researchers from the University of New Mexico and New Mexico Health Department found significant variances in following accepted protocols for hand hygiene and safe injection practices.

Veto Is a Setback for Midlevel Practitioners

Maine also made news recently when the state Senate sustained Gov. Paul LePage’s veto of the Dental Therapy Bill (LD 1514), which would have expanded the role of midlevel dental practitioners.

Crosstex Expands Options for Dental Waterline Treatment

Building upon last year’s acquisition of the DentaPure dental unit waterline cartridge system, New York-based Crosstex has added to its infection prevention portfolio with the addition of the Sterilex Liquid Ultra brand.


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