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DentaQuest To Celebrate First Annual Health Equity Hero Day

DentaQuest is designating July 13 as Health Equity Hero Day.


DentaQuest is designating July 13 as Health Equity Hero Day. The purpose-driven oral healthcare organization is dedicated to improving the oral health of all, encourages partners and individuals across the country to nominate people who promoted equity in health and wellness during the past year.

DentaQuest will use social media to highlight its 2021 Health Equity Heroes awards, and the significant work the recipients have done.

Everyone in the community is encouraged to join in and honor their own Health Equity Heroes Tuesday, July 13 on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn using the hashtag #HealthEquityHeroDay.

A full list of 2021 DentaQuest’s Health Equity Heroes will be announced on Health Equity Hero Day. DentaQuest awards $5,000 in the name of each hero to a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing health equity.

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