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New Report Highlights Risks of Vaping

The report “Clearing the Air: The Relationship Between Electronic Cigarette Use, Vaping, and Oral Health” presents a grim picture of the short- and long-term effects of vaping. Created by CareQuest Institute for Oral Health, the report…

Problems Sleeping? Your Oral Health May Be at Risk

New research from the University at Buffalo in New York found that individuals with sleep apnea were more likely to experience tooth mobility and tooth loss than those without sleep apnea. The issue is that those with sleep apnea also…

When Inflammation Remains Post-Periodontal Therapy

Highly regarded periodontists—Stephen K. Harrel, DDS; Michael P. Rethman, DDS, MS; Charles M. Cobb, DDS, PhD; John S. Sottosanti, DDS; and Lee N. Sheldon, DMD—recently published a Guest Editorial in the Journal of the American Dental…

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