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This Month’s Features

Original Research: Vertical Root Fracture Repair With a Resin-Ionomer

This case series examines the methods and outcomes associated with treatment of teeth with vertical root fracture where the patients pursued a repair option

Common Sources of Idiopathic Orofacial Pain

An examination of the basic etiology and management of chronic idiopathic orofacial discomfort

Approaches to Nonsurgical Root Canal Retreatment

These clinical strategies will help providers manage posttreatment endodontic disease

Clinical Applications: Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Dentistry

An overview of the application and interpretation of three-dimensional radiographic imaging by dental providers

Esthetic Anodization of Orthodontic Archwires

Helpful for identification and patient-customization purposes, this technique can alter the color of titanium molybdenum alloy through a simple electrochemical process.

Continuing Education

Screening for Skin Cancer

Due to their clinical proximity to areas often subject to skin lesions, oral health professionals have an opportunity to identify malignant growths and refer accordingly.

An Evidence-Based Look at Off-Label Drug Use

An update on the implications of this common practice for oral health care

Administration of Nitrous Oxide Analgesia

Use of this form of conscious sedation represents an effective alternative pain management strategy for dental procedures.

Addiction and Oral Health Care

Dental providers should be knowledgeable about commonly misused drugs and the oral consequences of substance abuse.


Editor’s Note

Treating Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is not compatible with optimal health.

At a Glance

Demographic Shift Influences Implant Market

The global dental implants and prosthetics market is projected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 4.7%, reaching $9.8 billion by 2021.

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Newsline + Industry Info

Thomas Bobby Davis Chosen as 2018 ADA Humanitarian Award Recipient

In recognition of 40 years of volunteer service in Latin America and his community in Texas, the American Dental Association (ADA) has selected Thomas Bobby Davis, DMD, as the 2018 ADA Humanitarian Award recipient. 


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