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Marketplace October 2021

A listing of featured products.


brushing solution for patients with mobility issues Take-Home Whitening Treatment Debuts

Philips (800-422-9448; Philips.com/zoomdelivered) now offers Philips Zoom delivered. The latest in take-home whitening, Philips Zoom delivered provides a simple and effective way to whiten patients’ teeth at home with professionally supervised treatment. Through an easy three-step process, clinicians capture a patient’s intraoral scan, sends it to a Philips-affiliated lab, and have the lab ship custom-made trays and Philips Zoom take-home whitening solution directly to the patient. Philips Zoom Whitening’s Power of Three formulation is designed to protect enamel, reduce sensitivity, and help improve tooth luster through a mix of amorphous calcium phosphate, potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride.


RevenueWell (855-415-9355; revenuewell.com) introduces RevenueWell Phone, a proprietary new voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) phone and text messaging system that allows patients to make calls over broadband internet, rather than through a traditional phone connection. Designed for dental practices, this all-in-one communication hub integrates with the office’s practice management system to deliver coordinated voice, two-way text messaging, email, fax and video conferencing — all tied to the office’s existing phone number. Dental teams can manage the VoIP system from anywhere thanks to the mobile app. This cloud-based system integrates with RevenueWell’s Marketing Platform, Messenger and Forms products. Additionally, the system delivers patient data via a desktop pop-up when a call is received.

ALL-IN-ONE BRUSHING AND FLOSSINGAll-In-One Brushing and Flossing

The Sonic-Fusion 2.0 from Waterpik (800-525-2774; waterpik.com) provides a convenient and effective all-in-one brushing and flossing experience. The company says this newest version features two times the bristle speed and 30% more flossing power than the original model for a superior cleaning experience. Features include two brushing speeds, three cleaning modes, and an advanced water pressure control system with 10 settings. The Sonic-Fusion 2.0 toothbrush cleans tooth surfaces, while the built-in water flosser jet inside the brush head targets biofilm and debris deep between the teeth and gingiva.


Steri-Shield (800-699-7220; steri-shield.com) makes practice a little easier with Wingers I.B. (integrated barrier), a disposable bitewing device that features three products in one. The cost-effective Wingers I.B. provides a sensor holder already inside a comfort-padded, seamless infection control barrier. This reduces the clinical setup needed to obtain radiographic imaging from approximately 60 seconds to 5 seconds. Steri-Shield notes the elastic barrier eliminates microholes which may occur in the heat-sealed seams of plastic film sensor barriers. Winger I.B. fits all size 2 sensor holders, and each bag of 60 pieces includes a sterilizable aimer ring and bar.


Dentsply Sirona (844-848-0137; dentsplysirona.com/en-us) has announced enhancements for its Connect and CEREC software. According to company officials, these upgrades result in improved performance and even more efficient digital workflows for Primescan and CEREC Primemill. Enhancements include faster, more stable Primescan, allowing Primescan and CEREC users to access new digital workflows. Upgraded CEREC Software 5.2 features a new mode that includes a wider range of lower jaw movement in the calculations. These enhancements make it easier to create smooth and detailed restorations. In addition, Connect SW 5.2 allows dentists to plan and deliver long-span, implant-supported bridges.


The Toothbrush Pillow (623-444-2985; toothbrushpillow.com) is designed for patients with diminished motor skills or physical impairment. Appropriate for all age groups, the product has received approval from the Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards as a health savings account- and flexible savings account-eligible medical device. The Toothbrush Pillow is used by patients with Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, autism, or upper limb amputation to perform proper oral hygiene without assistance from family members or caregivers. The device rests on a table or countertop to steady a toothbrush during toothpaste application by a physically or neurologically impaired individual or small child. The toothbrush lies flat and steady, with bristles facing up on the pillow. Designed to work with standard or electric toothbrushes, the pillow can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

From Decisions in Dentistry. October 2021;7(10):45.

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