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May 2023 Marketplace

A listing of products that practically sell themselves.



Medicom’s (800-361-2862; medicom.com) SafeGauze HemoStat topical hemostatic dressing transforms into a gel within seconds for fast and easy placement. Absorbing 400% of its weight in fluid, HemoStat fills the wound and forms a gelatinous plug that acts as a strong clot for effective bleeding control. It also adheres to the wound, so it stays in place, with no suturing required. This dressing is made from 100% hypoallergenic cellulose that offers clinicians a safe and natural treatment that helps prevent adverse effects, promotes healing, and reduces the incidence of postoperative infection thanks to its natural antibacterial properties. The gelatinous plug gradually dissolves into saline and glucose, further minimizing the risk of infection. Circle 40 on card


Invisalign Virtual Care AI from Align Technology (aligntech.com) represents a next-generation remote-monitoring system with artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that streamline workflows for dentists and their staff. This technology facilitates patient enrollment, setup, and review directly on the Invisalign Doctor Site. Described as a comprehensive solution, it helps clinicians remotely monitor Invisalign treatment progress based on their own clinical settings and AI-assisted algorithms for Automatic Assessment that, in turn, are calibrated to each dentist’s ClinCheck treatment parameters. Based on patient-specific settings, AI-assisted Automated Notifications guide patients to either advance to the next aligner stage or remain in their current stage; alternately, they can contact their provider if treatment is not tracking as expected. Designed to integrate with the Align digital platform and My Invisalign app, this system automatically assesses patient-submitted photos, creating a seamless, single-platform experience that helps ensure treatment is being monitored between in-office visits. Circle 41 on card


As part of efforts to reduce needlestick injuries, Verena Solutions (312-248-3876; verenasolutions.com) introduces SafeCAP with EverSHARP technology. Billed as the “sharpest, smoothest safety needle,” it features a built-in, clear, ultra-thin recapping sheath, and its patented design promotes safe handling during assembly, use, recapping, disassembly, and disposal. SafeCAP’s proprietary coating provides unimpeded penetration with less tissue resistance and drag, which decreases microtrauma, bruising and pain — and it offers up to a 47% reduction in puncture hole size and insertion force. Circle 42 on card


Featuring a low-profile design that enables the wand’s head to reach posterior restorations with ease, the completely reengineered VALO X broadband LED is the newest member of Ultradent’s (800-552-5512; ultradent.com) award-winning VALO curing light series. Thanks to its 12.5 mm lens and powerful LED chip, this light offers improved beam collimation and curing depth. Equipped with two power modes and two diagnostic modes (black light and white light), the VALO X’s one-button activation incorporates an accelerometer that lets users cycle between power and diagnostic functions with just the wave of the wand, a light tap, or the push of a button. The VALO X, which comes with five accessory lenses, is milled from a single bar of aerospace-grade aluminum — a material that improves thermal management, enhances LED longevity, and ensures unmatched durability. Circle 43 on card


SurgiTel (800-959-0153; surgitel.com) has released its next-generation ErgoDeflection loupes that address the issues with deflection loupes that are either too steep and cause clinicians to work too closely to the patient or have them leaning back in a non-ergonomic posture. These loupes feature a new prism design that provides a customizable 40- to 50-degree deflection angle that allows a neutral clinical posture. Offered in 3.5x, 4.5x, 5.5x and 6.5x magnification, they are equipped with a pantoscopic lens tilt that helps eliminate gaps between the face and bottom edges of the lenses for better eye protection and a wider direct view of the working area when looking below the loupes. ErgoDeflection loupes come with interchangeable working distance caps, as well as SurgiTel’s Ergo Fit Nose Pad system that conforms to a wide variety of nose shapes for optimal comfort and support. Circle 44 on card


Aimed at patients looking for nature-inspired toothpastes that deliver essential oral care benefits, Natean (nateantoothpaste.com) has launched a family of four dentifrices developed by scientists and herbalists at Alacer, a subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. Born at the intersection of nature and science, Natean balances scientifically studied ingredients with botanicals, including orange blossom, mint, aloe vera and coconut. The line, which includes both fluoride and fluoride-free formulas, was created with conscientiously chosen ingredients and sustainable packaging that minimize its impact to the planet. All Natean toothpastes are vegan friendly and free of sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners, flavoring, dyes, parabens, phosphates and gluten. Circle 45 on card

From Decisions in Dentistry. May 2023;9(5):44.

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