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Patient Coupons Available for Osseointegration Support Supplement


Due to the excellent reception that BONE-TITE, osseointegration support supplement, has received from dental professionals, MediNiche has announced a major increase in the distribution of BONE-TITE Patient Coupons. Effective immediately, implantologists can contact MediNiche and request a complimentary supply of BONE-TITE coupons for patient dispensing by emailing bonetite@mediniche.com.

BONE-TITE is the first over-the-counter dietary supplement product developed in conjunction with prosthodontists, periodontists, and other dental professional experts in bone metabolism and bone growth, for use with patients that may require nutritional insurance before and after dental implant and bone graft procedures. BONE-TITE provides key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients known to be helpful for proper bone and soft tissue growth, repair, and overall health during implant osseointegration and bone grafting.

BONE-TITE is formulated with a “Bone-Building-Complex” of key ingredients that are associated with benefits to help heal, repair, and strengthen alveolar bone structure. Formulation ingredients include calcium, vitamins C, D-3 and K-1, and minerals magnesium, zinc, manganese, potassium, and copper, and bone fortifying agents such as ipriflavone, bromelain, boron, and l-lysine.

The osseo-specific components in BONE-TITE may be helpful for patients that, due to deficiencies or underlying health issues, may be susceptible to reduced osseointegration and implant failure and may require or benefit from specific nutritional support.

MediNiche is also extending a special BONE-TITE Introductory Offer with discount pricing and attractive terms available for all dental implant practice customers that wish to dispense BONE-TITE. Dental professionals can visit https://bonetite.com/professionaloffer/ to access the purchase offers or call, toll-free, 888-325-2395 for more information.

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