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Introducing the Zyris Retractor


Brought to you by the creators of Isolite, the Zyris retractor is the ultimate tool for dental retraction, providing extra oral fulcrum stability, increased patient compliance—especially during longer or challenging procedures—improved access and visibility to the gingival margin, and enhanced visibility of the occlusal plane during imaging procedures.

The single-use design made of a semi-flexible, BPA-free polymer—that’s also biodegradable—brings dental professionals ease of use, time savings, and added efficiency to infection control protocols while also reducing waste.

Development of the retractor focused on the real everyday needs of dental clinicians, incorporating hands-on feedback at every stage of production. Leading to its innovative design that provides reduced hand and forearm fatigue for clinicians, quick adjustment tabs for better maneuverability, placement, and reinsertion in just seconds—that’s so easy your patients could do it themselves—seamless integration with your current tools, and a simple, one-size-fits-most design that accommodates the upper and lower lip frenulum and all arch sizes.


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