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Amplify360 Offers Elevated Outcome-Oriented Marketing Solutions for Dental Practices


Alatus Solutions, a leading provider of a comprehensive suite of services designed to help dental practices thrive, is excited to announce the strategic merger of Dental Revolution and SmartBox Dental into a unified MarTech firm called Amplify360. Featuring a set of meaningful marketing, membership, and hiring services, Amplify360’s all-encompassing portfolio takes dental professionals and practices from where they are to where they want to be.

Through the creation of customized “Marketing Treatment Plans” Amplify360 offers dental practices meaningful marketing that drives elevated outcomes. These plans take a host of tactics and metrics into consideration, including industry-leading best practices, a focus on big-case targeted campaigns, budget, level of team involvement, internal marketing, community outreach, ideal patient targeting, and ROI tracking.

In addition, as a family of brands, Amplify360 customers have enhanced access to illumitrac software® and DentalPost. Illumitrac is cloud-based software that creates, automates and customizes a white-label membership club that is 100% owned by the doctor. DentalPost is a job search and career development platform that connects dental professionals with job opportunities and provides tools for career growth.

To learn more about Amplify360, visit https://new.amplify360.com/

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