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Veritas Dental Resources PPO Fee Negotiating Services


Veritas Dental Resources is the leading provider of PPO Fee Negotiating Services in the dental industry. They have served nearly 7800 dental practices influencing over 3.5 billion dollars in newly negotiated insurance revenue for their clients. Veritas is the most trusted brand in representing dentists, and dental specialists, in fighting for fairer insurance reimbursements. Their mission is to protect the financial integrity of quality care by negotiating PPO fees that are commensurate with quality dentistry.

To request a Complimentary PPO Fee Negotiating Consultation please visit their website: www.veritasdentalresources.com. During this complimentary consultation session you will receive the following:

  • A through review of your PPO Fees and feedback on if you are eligible to negotiate
  • A complete review of your Usual and Customary Fees to include recommendations on where your fees need to be set to maximize fee negotiations
  • A review of coding practices and advice implementing coding strategies that may benefit your practice
  • An assessment of which dental plans to join or drop



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