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Aligner Therapy Contributes to Oral Health


With World Oral Health Day approaching on March 20, this is a good time to note that oral health is more than regular visits to your dental healthcare provider and flossing and brushing regularly — it is also about ensuring your teeth are aligned for those tasks to be most effective. While many patients understand the importance of daily oral hygiene and oral health, not all realize the connection between malocclusion and periodontitis, as well as other oral conditions.

Malocclusions are a major oral health problem — about two-thirds of adults have some type of teeth misalignment, according to this study. Malocclusions are prone to accumulate more bacteria than teeth that are well aligned, as it’s harder to properly clean teeth that overlap or are crowded, increasing the chance of developing a buildup of bacteria that could lead to periodontitis and caries. Due to the severe implications of malocclusion on one’s health, companies have been designing dental technology to correct crooked or misaligned teeth and ensure they function correctly.

One such solution to correcting malocclusion is OraFit, a clear aligner system designed with the latest dental technology — Zendura FLX plastic and Carbon Reliable 3D printers. The Zendura FLX plastic is made out of thermoformable material optimized for strength, ductility, crack-resistance, color and clarity to work better than other materials for dental applications. Paired with the precise aligners that Carbon printers create, OraFit uses a continuous force, firm-but-gentle movement, to move teeth into the desired position over a short treatment period. To learn more about this emerging clear aligner technology that’s revolutionizing teeth movement, visit myorafit.com.

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