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July 2021 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.



The Novaerus Defend 1050 (866-515-5181; novaerus.com/en-US) delivers clean air solutions to help prevent the spread of infectious outbreaks by inactivating and filtering out microorganisms, including virus and bacteria. This unit is said to be the first system with NanoStrike — a patented plasma-generating technology — to receive U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510(k) marketing clearance. This freestanding, portable recirculating air cleaning system is designed for additional frontline protection in healthcare settings, such as operatories and waiting areas. Ideal for treatment areas used during aerosol-generating procedures, the Defend 1050’s NanoStrike technology uses a plasma field that rapidly inactivates microorganisms at the molecular level. The system plugs into standard outlets.


BURST Oral Care (burstoralcare.com) expands into the pediatric dental space with the launch of the BURSTkids Sonic Toothbrush. The toothbrush features a two-minute timer that pauses every 30 seconds to indicate it is time to brush the next quadrant, and features standard or sensitive brushing modes. The small, ergonomically designed soft-touch silicone handle provides a sure grip and easier manipulation of the brush for children developing fine motor skills. Featuring a pediatric-sized brush head and soft-charcoal, tapered bristles, the BURSTkids Sonic Toothbrush is suited for those with primary teeth to mixed dentition (ranging from 2-year-olds to preteens). Kids will appreciate the vibrant color choices of purple, pink or blue.


PreXion (855-PREXION; prexion.com) has released the 3D Explorer PRO, a cone beam computed tomography system that contains integrated cephalometric capability. This three-in-one unit (computed tomography, dedicated panoramic and cephalometric imaging) is designed for dental professionals seeking the image clarity provided by one of the smallest focal spots in the industry at just 0.3 mm. The 3D Explorer PRO offers four fields of view (FOV): 5×5 cm, 10×10 cm, 15×10 cm, and a single pass, 15×16 cm FOV with no stitching. The 15×16 FOV is enabled by a large flat panel detector designed to minimize distortion and scatter for better image quality, as well as reduced radiation exposure. This versatile system provides excellent image capture for sleep and airway analysis, as well as temporomandibular diagnostics. It is compatible with all DICOM-compliant third-party implant surgical guides and CAD/DICOM merging software programs.


Tokuyama Dental (877-378-3548; tokuyama-us.com) now offers REBASE III, a next generation hard denture reline material. Formulated to help reduce irritation, REBASE III offers enhanced mixability, extended handling time and increased flexural strength. Designed for all long-term complete or partial acrylic hard denture reline applications, REBASE III simplifies the overall chairside procedure, while the material’s advanced monomer composition works to eliminate intraoral discomfort for patients by removing harsh chemical odors and tastes.

diagnostic tool

Parkell (800-243-7446; parkell.com) has introduced the Digitest 3 pulp vitality tester. This diagnostic tool can be used to determine the cause of a patient’s pulpal discomfort. The Digitest 3 electrically stimulates the tooth, and by comparing the stimulus response of the suspect tooth with that from a known, healthy tooth, clinicians can determine the source of the patient’s pain. The ergonomically designed Digitest 3 has an intuitive, single-button control and can easily be programmed to accommodate the dentists’ personal settings. The four autoclavable probes also promote easy access to all tooth surfaces.



VOCO (888-658-2584; vocoamerica.com) introduces VisCalor, a thermo-viscous universal composite that features two-in-one technology that is said to make delivery as simple as “warm it, flow it, sculpt it.” Once warmed, VisCalor delivers the viscosity of a flowable, then, once placed, rapidly cools to body temperature, which allows for the immediate sculptability of a packable material. The thermo-viscous composite’s high filler rate (83%) ensures strength; additionally, it has a low wear rate and shrinkage of only 1.4%, making for a very durable restoration. Indicated for all restorative classes, VisCalor is available in an Easy Access Capsule featuring a long and narrow tip that facilitates delivery to difficult-to-reach areas.


Colgate (800-468-6502; colgate.com/en-us) has debuted its Colgate Zero product lineup. Formulated without artificial flavors, sweeteners or coloring, the line includes Colgate Zero peppermint toothpaste, which has a microfoaming formula that provides a deep clean and caries protection, while also strengthening enamel and freshening breath. The Colgate Zero for Kids 2–6 Years toothpaste holds the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance and has a kid-friendly natural strawberry flavor. Younger children will enjoy Colgate Zero for Kids 3–24 Months, which has a baby-friendly, natural mild fruit flavor and is safe if swallowed. The fluoride-free formula also offers a gentle cleaning action. Designed to kill 99% of oral bacteria, Colgate Zero Mouthwash Fresh Breath is alcohol-free and has a natural, cooling peppermint flavor. Finally, the Colgate Zero for Kids Manual Toothbrush is free of bisphosphonate-A and is suitable for children ages 2 and older.


Medit (medit.com) has released its new i700 intraoral scanner which is powered by a camera that captures up to 70 frames per second. This means more data with each pass, resulting in a smooth and quick scanning experience. Offering realistic colors and crisp imaging, this device features reversible, autoclavable tips, and has a detachable cable for easy maintenance and improved portability. In addition, the i700’s reduced size ensures a small and light handpiece, while its remote control mode allows the provider to keep his or her hands on the unit while easily sharing scan data with the patient. According to the company, the unit’s UV-C LED makes this the only scanner on the market with self-disinfecting capabilities. It runs on Medit Link, the company’s proprietary software that integrates with other computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing applications, as well as Medit’s apps for smile design, orthodontic simulation, crown fit, and other tools. 


Planmeca (630-529-2300; planmeca.com) has announced the integration of its all-in-one software, Planmeca Romexis, with Henry Schein One’s web-based Digital Dental Exchange (DDX) portal. This integrated, enhanced communication between dental practices and laboratories delivers seamless connectivity between practice management software and lab-management applications. Dentists using DDX can easily create a new case — prepopulated with the patient’s information — and transfer and store multiple patient files and other pertinent information about the case to their lab quickly and securely. In addition to enhancing digital workflows for general dentistry, the integration can simplify communication for practitioners using Reveal Clear Aligners from Henry Schein Orthodontics. With this system, providers can more easily send patient information through Planmeca Romexis and the DDX portal.


Livionex (getlivfresh.com) offers LivFresh Dental Gel, a nonabrasive, detergent-free therapeutic toothpaste that it bills as the first to meet European Medical Device Regulations as an over-the-counter dentifrice for the prevention and treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis. LivFresh’s unique mechanism of action enables the tooth surface to repel plaque at the molecular level. The company reports a double-blind clinical study published in the Journal of Periodontology shows that subjects who brushed with LivFresh dental gel saw 80% of their pocket probing depths improve. Additionally, the study notes that compared to the group using a leading anti-plaque, anti-gingivitis toothpaste, subjects who brushed with LivFresh experienced 2.5 times less periodontal inflammation and 1.9 times less bleeding on probing.


Benco Dental’s (800-GOBENCO; benco.com), computer and software protection solution — BencoNET Managed Support — provides continuous monitoring to help ensure dental offices’ computer infrastructure remains operational at all times. When a practice purchases a FortiNet router and Threat Management package to halt incoming malware and viruses before they reach the server, they can also add BencoNET Managed Support. The latter provides several levels of defense, including a BencoNET Managed Support team of experts who continuously monitor practice systems to ensure that backups and antivirus software are functioning properly. It also includes Sophos, an endpoint antivirus software that protects the server and workstations throughout the office.


GLO Science (855-456-5976; gloscience.com) has launched the GLO To Go Teeth Whitening Pen. Developed by GLO Science’s Jonathan B. Levine, DMD, the whitening pen’s sensitivity-free formula is powered by 100% hydrogen peroxide and enhanced with plant-based antimicrobials. GLO To Go features a fresh “cinnamint’ flavor, and a hygienic angled silicone tip to ensure quick and even application. This pocket-sized whitening pen is designed to allow fast and effortless touch-ups.

From Decisions in Dentistry. July 2021;7(7):44-45.

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