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FAQ: FluoriMax from Elevate Oral Care

Unique fluoride varnish offers benefits over traditional formulas.


Unique fluoride varnish offers benefits over traditional formulas

What makes FluoriMax 2.5% fluoride varnish different from other products?

FluoriMax innovation starts with its proprietary, pharmaceutical-grade shellac carrier. Shellac is hypoallergenic, which eliminates reactions that can occur with the tree-based resins that are common among traditional varnishes. Offering maximum patient comfort, FluoriMax dries quickly and is eight to 40 times thinner than sticky varnishes. In addition, it is so tenacious there are no post-application eating limitations. Elevate Oral Care’s proprietary micronized fluoride greatly improves clinical efficacy, as its hydrophilic formula migrates quickly on moist teeth to reach far beyond the bristles for ease and speed of application.

FluoriMax, which is so thin that clinicians simply shake to mix, is available in a flow-through unit-dose applicator, as well as an economical bottle system. The bottle kit helps eliminate waste and provides treatment costs as low as 17 cents per drop, with only one to four drops needed per treatment.

Why 2.5% sodium fluoride, when most varnishes contain 5%?

As innovators of the first unit-dose varnish and white fluoride varnish, the owners of Elevate Oral Care reviewed in vitro and in vivo studies examining optimum fluoride levels for varnishes. The largest in vivo study found no statistical difference between the efficacy of 2.5% fluoride varnish and a traditional 5.0% version, leading to the conclusion that reducing fluoride levels would increase safety for pediatric patients. FluoriMax innovation took these findings further, as this proprietary 2.5% system outperforms traditional 5% fluoride varnishes. In addition, research from the University of Colorado found an enamel saturation point of fluoride uptake from 2.5% formulations — so the question isn’t why 2.5% fluoride; it’s why some products contain 5.0%?

How does FluoriMax compare in per application cost to traditional varnishes?

Elevate Oral Care is a direct-selling prevention company that offers a direct-to-office price advantage. The unique flow-through applicator costs as low as $1.25 per unit, and the bottle system reduces the average application cost to 38 cents. A superior product, better patient experience and significant cost savings are the marks of true innovation.

Are there any differences in application technique with FluoriMax varnish?

There is one big difference: Application is easier than with traditional varnishes, because FluoriMax’s hydrophilic flow and thinness require just a single swipe across moist dentition. After removing pooled saliva, clinicians need only one pass to create a tenacious, thin, nonsticky and nontacky layer that delivers maximum fluoride uptake. The easy application process can be viewed at elevateoralcare.com.


From Decisions in Dentistry. February 2018;4(2)57.

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    What are the home care instructions for after placing the varnish on adult teeth?

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