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TikTok Does It Again With Facial Fitness Gum

Facial fitness gum is gaining popularity on social media as brands claim it can help define jawlines and tone facial muscles. However, experts caution that there’s little scientific evidence to support these claims, emphasizing that significant changes in facial esthetics usually require more than just chewing gum.


TikTok is infamous for its bad dental fads with everything from DIY orthodontics to filing down your own teeth to improve your smile. Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Now facial fitness gum has emerged with promises that it will help users achieve a more attractive jawline and tone more than 57 facial and neck muscles. The idea is that chewing these tougher-than-normal gums provides a workout for the face, akin to physical exercise for other body parts. This trend particularly resonates with teenage boys, aligning with the “mewing” trend of tongue positioning to tighten jaw muscles and the broader “looksmaxxing” movement aimed at enhancing one’s appearance to fit conventional beauty standards.

Despite the growing popularity, experts remain skeptical. There is a lack of substantial evidence supporting the effectiveness of facial fitness gum. Physicians and dentists point out that any muscle definition gained by chewing gum would be minimal and the face’s complex bone structure, skin quality, and fat distribution make significant alterations to one’s appearance unlikely from only gum chewing.

The concept behind facial fitness gum is that repetitive chewing motions strengthen the jaw and facial muscles, particularly the masseter muscles, potentially creating a more chiseled appearance. However, research supporting this is sparse and inconclusive. Most scientific studies on chewing gum focus on benefits like improved concentration, stress relief, and oral health, rather than its impact on facial esthetics. Click here to read more.

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