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Dental Student TikToker Bridges Art and Science to Broaden Dentistry’s Appeal

Karsen Springfield, a first-year dental student, merges her passion for art and science in dentistry, inspired by her dentist parents. Documenting her experiences on TikTok, she shares valuable insights and advice, reaching more than 32,000 followers and fostering a supportive community.


Karsen Springfield, BS, always had a strong interest in both art and science. Inspired by her parents, both graduates of the UT Health Science Center College of Dentistry, she saw dentistry as the perfect blend of her two passions. Karsen, from Memphis, earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Christian Brothers University. Now a first-year dental student, Karsen documents her dental school journey on her TikTok account, “Karrrsen,” where she shares videos of dental wax-ups, study sessions, dental school advice, and even recipes and crafts. With more than 32,000 followers, her first dentistry video of carving teeth out of wax gained 15 million views. This platform not only helps her reduce stress but also serves as a resource for those interested in pursuing dentistry.

Karsen acknowledged that she received significant guidance from her parents, but she became aware that many young people interested in dentistry might not have the same level of support or knowledge about where to start. To address this, she decided to share more advice on her social media about the application process and daily activities in dental school. Her goal is to ensure that individuals who might not have access to abundant resources can still have an equal opportunity to succeed in dentistry.

Karsen believes that emphasizing the artistic aspect of dentistry could attract more individuals to the field, enhancing its overall appeal. As she continues her studies to become a general dentist, she remains dedicated to combining her love for art and science while supporting and inspiring others through her journey. Click here to read more.

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