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Vac-Tak Veneer Placement Instrument Product Release


AdDent, Inc., introduces the Vac-Tak Veneer Placement Instrument. The Vac-Tak makes it easy to handle and cement delicate porcelain or composite veneers. There are two sizes of suction tips – large, for maxillary teeth and small for mandibular teeth. There are also tips to fit the 3 mm light guide of a Microlux Transilluminator

When working with delicate porcelain or composite veneers, the Vac-Tack with translucent suction tips can be used to easily and securely pick up, place and tack cure the veneers.


  • Autoclavable handle
  • Two sizes of suction tips
  • Autoclavable tips
  • Silicone tips are transparent
  • 3mm light guide tips


  • Easy to hold ergonomic handle
  • Firmly holds upper and lower veneers
  • Silicone tips are reusable
  • Tack cure through tips while holding veneer under pressure
  • Hold and tack cure veneer with one instrument

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