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Pac-Dent Announces the iMatrix™ Clear Sectional Matrix System


Brea, CA – March 22, 2024 – Pac-Dent, Inc., announced the launch of the iMatrix™ Clear Sectional Matrix System at the Chicago Mid Winter Dental Meeting. The addition of this Sectional Matrix System with clear Mylar matrices, rings, and wedges expands Pac-Dent’s existing iMatrix™ Sectional Matrix System, further solidifying Pac-Dent as a leading force in the dental industry.

The iMatrix™ Clear system features innovative clear Nickel Titanium (NiTi) matrix rings with a unique undercut design that allows for better handling and greater visibility, while being strong enough to avoid slipping and to provide consistent, ideal tooth separation. The clear Mylar matrices and clear interproximal wedges allow ample light to pass through for complete uniform restoration curing. The color coded, clear Mylar matrices with convenient pinholes leave the composite with a more polished and contoured finish than traditional stainless steel matrices while having a more pronounced marginal ridge for correct anatomical form.

The starter kit includes matrix ring placement forceps, pin tweezers, 1 clear molar and 1 clear premolar NiTi matrix rings, assorted clear Mylar matrix bands, assorted clear interproximal wedges, and an assorted composite polishing kit.

Features and Benefits of the iMatrix™ Clear

  1. 2 clear NiTi rings that provide optimal tooth separation with an undercut design for greater visibility and improved handling
  2. Clear, color coded Mylar matrices with pinholes for cure-through restorations with ideal marginal ridge
  3. Includes assorted composite polishing kit for high aesthetic finishing of composite restorations
  4. Easy to place clear wedges that stay in place while providing a superior gingival seal

*Patent Pending
For more information on the iMatrix™ Clear, visit the product page.

About Pac-Dent, Inc.: Pac-Dent, Inc. is a dynamic and rapidly expanding wholesale dental product and device company. With over 30 years of industry experience since its establishment in 1992, Pac-Dent has earned a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality, technologically advanced, and innovative products. Specializing in preventive care, 3D resins, restoratives, teeth whitening, endodontics, and infection control segments, Pac-Dent remains at the forefront of the dental industry.

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