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California Dentist Remains Dedicated to Afghanistan Dental Clinic Despite Setbacks


James Rolfe, DDS, is an 84-year-old general dentist who continues to practice in Santa Barbara, California. While he is passionate about providing dental care, it is his love for the people of Afghanistan that keeps his dental practice going.  In 2003, witnessing the lack of dental facilities in a remote province of Afghanistan, Rolfe established the Afghanistan Dental Relief Project. He converted a shipping container into a clinic, equipped it with basic dental tools, and shipped it to Afghanistan, later setting up a training school for local dental technicians. However, Rolfe has faced additional challenges when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan 2 years ago. The clinic, temporarily closed due to uncertainties under the new government, eventually reopened but faced further setbacks, including property loss and threats. Despite difficulties, Rolfe continues his mission, subsidizing the effort with profits from his Santa Barbara dental practice. The clinic provides vital dental care in a region with limited access. Click here to read more.

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