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US Mother Goes Viral for Sharing Her Child’s Dental Experience in Denmark


An American mother living in Copenhagen has gained widespread attention on social media for showcasing the Danish pediatric dentistry system. Annie Samples, known as Annie in Eventyrland on TikTok, moved to Denmark 4 years ago. In a viral video, she documents her 6-year-old son’s free dental checkup, highlighting the stark differences from the United States system. Samples, whose father was a pediatric dentist and orthodontist, emphasizes the efficiency and simplicity of the Danish approach. In Denmark, pediatric healthcare for children older than 5 is primarily managed through the school system, ensuring equal access across socioeconomic backgrounds. Children have dental appointments every 18 months, with the option for more frequent visits if issues arise. Notably, Samples expresses her awe at leaving the dental office without any payment. While viewers applauded the Danish model, some note the public subsidies funded by taxes. Click here to read more.

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